Spider-Belle Cosplay

Cosplayer Bethie Duvall, inspired by the image of a little girl wearing a Spider-Man princess dress, decided to make this full cosplay outfit inspired by Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She writes:

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The dress has multiple pieces. There is a 160” hoop skirt, a petticoat, the skirt, and then the bodice. Its has 48 yards of beads making the webs on the skirt. The spider webbing is a lace that is stretched over satin, and the crystals are all hand glued on. The spider made of crystals on the front took 3 hours to make. In total, the cosplay took 120 hours and over 40 yards of fabric to make. The only part not made by me was the wig. My best friend styled it for me!

-via Cosplay in America

Photo: Portraits N Cosplay

Source: neatorama

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