Sponsored: The STIK precision knife from Veiss makes your old X-Acto knife obsolete

Frustrated with the limitations of current craft knives, many of which use a design that has been in production for almost 100 years, the design team at Veiss Innovation set out to develop a better solution. Over three years they created dozens of prototypes, focusing on materials, blade retention during use, blade storage, and safety. The result is the STIK Precision Knife, a new tool designed with solid metal components, engineering-grade resins and featuring several innovative features. The new knife is now available for preorder on Kickstarter.

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The first significant enhancement included in the STIK knife design is the patent pending blade retention mechanism. Typical craft knives use a clamping force to hold the blade into the knife. It’s easy to insert the blade incorrectly, resulting in frustrations ranging from loose blades to the blade falling out altogether while in use. The Veiss design corrects this problem by using a mechanism with multiplanar motion to grab and lock the blade in place. Removing an inserted blade from the STIK knife requires ten times the force over current clamping mechanisms, ensuring that the blade will never come out of the STIK knife while in use.

The patent pending locking mechanism makes the STIK a superior craft knife to others on the market.

In addition to the superior blade locking mechanism, the STIK has storage for up to 6 extra blades housed in the barrel of the knife. This allows the user to always have blades on hand and keeps the focus where it belongs – on the project. This integrated storage and organizational feature has been a pleasant surprise to users who have tested the STIK. During the development phase, prototypes were tested with Architectural and Industrial Design students from a leading university in the US. The feedback gathered consistently highlighted the blade storage mechanism within the STIK as the feature most beneficial in their day-to-day use.

The STIK integrated storage holds up to 6 spare blades so you can stay focused on your projects

A major flaw with most craft knives in the market is they either do not include a safety cap or the cap does not securely fit. Most precision knives allow the cap to easily and unexpectedly slide off, leaving the blade dangerously exposed in a bag or pocket. A sharp knife loose in a designer’s bag can damage the bag, its contents, or the owner’s fingers when reaching into the bag. The locking cap on the STIK knife allows users to carry the knife in pockets and reach in with confidence that the cap is securely in place. Additionally, the locking cap is designed to snap onto the back-end of the knife, keeping it with the knife where it belongs.

The patent pending safety cap is designed to stay where it belongs.

The Veiss STIK design enhances productivity and improves safety while keeping an emphasis on durability and reliability. The ergonomic design reduces strain on the hands and allows for smarter, faster, and safer cutting. The blade retention mechanism on the knife reduces frustration allowing you to keep your focus where it belongs – on your work. The blade storage feature in the knife saves time and ensures that you always have a sharp blade available. The safety cap is designed to never fall off and never be lost. The STIK leverages premium materials with professionals in mind, producing a new standard in precision cutting.

The Kickstarter campaign for pre-ordering launched on November 30 and is live until January 3, 2022.

Veiss Innovation L.L.C (www.veissgear.com) is a product development firm in North Carolina focused on the development of professional products. The Veiss team is comprised of industrial designers, marketers, and engineers with over 80 years of product design experience. Veiss Innovation L.L.C.’s mission is to deliver tools worthy of the professionals’ skill.

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