Spotless Giraffe May Be the Only One in the World

Brights Zoo in Limestone, Tennessee, had a blessed event about a month ago when a reticulated giraffe gave birth to a healthy female calf. The six-foot-tall baby looks very different from her mother, though. She has no spots, just a coat of smooth brown fur.

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The last known giraffe with no spots was born in 1972. At the time, there were three plain brown giraffes in the world. Now, this new baby may be the only one on earth. Fred Bercovitch of the organization Save the Giraffes says the spotless coat may be due to a genetic mutation, most likely inherited from the mother, but the phenomenon is so rare that it’s difficult to study.

The zoo is holding an online poll to decide the calf’s name. The four names to select from are:

1.  Kipekee – Unique
2.  Firyali – Unusual or Extraordinary
3.  Shakiri – She is most beautiful
4.  Jamella – One of great beauty

The winning name will be announced on Labor Day, September 4. -Thanks, WTM!

(Image credit: Brights Zoo)

Source: neatorama

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