Spotted on Coroflot: The Heavenly 'Halo' Lamp

This transcendent little light recently caught my eye over on Coroflot, where it’s adding some shine to Quentin de Coster’s design portfolio. The Halo is a blown glass table lamp, created around the fluorescent ring bulb at the center. The light stands 40cm high and 33cm wide, with a distinctive open top. 

The profile isn’t exactly shocking, particularly with the continued popularity around mid-century “mushroom” style lamps. But in this case, the open-air top gives the lamp a vase-like feeling, while still casting gently colored and refracted light. With the direct view of the bulb, it’s a gentle inversion of a familiar table lamp’s body and shade. 

The Halo lamps were hand blown and finished and produced in a limited run of 18 by L’Atelier du Val

Lighting design can be difficult to judge objectively, since ambiance and style are both highly personal and space specific. Innovating in that space is similarly difficult—we’ve been making light sources since we figured out fire—and subtle material tweaks like these go a long way.

You can check out more of de Coster’s playful and attractive work here.

Source: core77

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