Spreading Love And Joy: 70 Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Posts For Your Enjoyment

One more year has passed and so Singles Awareness Day, also known as Valentine’s Day, is finally here. During this time, the internet gets bombarded by pictures of people (and the universe and all the things in it) celebrating all things love. That, and memes. But that’s besides the point.

Bored Panda joins in on the celebration by gathering and showcasing the best of the best expressions of love in the form of photographs found all across the internet. And if you don’t have a Valentine this year, at least you can appreciate the wholesomeness found below.

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#1 Bailey Came To Live With Me 13 Years Ago On Valentine’s Eve. She’s My Forever Valentine

Image credits: sixriver16

#2 My Boyfriend Was Out Of Town So I Had Valentine’s Day Dinner With These Three

Image credits: TheLuchy

#3 I Suffer From Anxiety And Depression. This Past Few Years Have Been Hard For Me. This Was My Boyfriend’s Gift For Valentine’s Day. I Love Undertale. I Love This Gift. I Cried Like A Baby

Image credits: Upbeat-Guidance5235

If you’re here, you’re likely aware of what Valentine’s day is, how it came to be and why chocolate sales skyrocket right around this time… wait, you don’t know why folks go nuts with chocolate?

Apparently, it was a business move by British chocolate manufacturing family scion Richard Cadbury in light of new techniques to craft chocolates.

#4 My Boyfriend’s Favorite Animal Is The Three-Toed Sloth. So I Made Us Tiny Sloths In Tiny Bed. Do I Win For The Cheesiest Valentine’s Day Gift?  

Image credits: 12pillows

#5 Made These Flowers For My Girlfriend

Image credits: kornrat

#6 For Valentine’s Day, My Babies Snuggled Into The Shape Of A Heart (Kind Of). I Couldn’t Take The Adorableness

Image credits: A_Fluffy_Kiwi

Heck, the iconic heart-shaped candies—Sweethearts—were originally lozenges, a form of medicine for sore throat. Pharmacist and inventor Oliver Chase created the machine that could punch out these pills really quickly before he had another million-dollar idea and switched to using the machine’s potential to craft candy.

#7 My Partner And I Did A Photoshoot With Our Cat For Valentine’s Day. I Love How It Turned Out

Image credits: worstgurl

#8 My Girlfriend Got Me This Awesome Shirt For Valentine’s Day But When I Laid It Down To Take A Picture, Our Cat Sat On The Word “Dad” Making The Shirt Just Say “Best Cat Ever”

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Image credits: drozdowski13

#9 Year 2 Of Making Sure Most Of My Neighbors Get A Bouquet For Valentine’s Day

I have tried doing this for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day the past few years to lift the spirits of my neighbors. It is probably a tradition I will keep trying to do going forward. 

All bouquets were obtained from Walmart where each cost around $4.57 each so while it sort of hit the bank hard I am just not going to eat out the next 2 weeks instead. If it is something that you can do too it is worth it to see everyone’s reaction! 

Image credits: GoGoRouterRangers

And since we’re on the topic of fun facts, ever wondered how the X became a sign for a kiss?

Well, back in the olden days, X used to represent Christianity, i.e. the cross. It was also used as a signoff on documents. And people would often kiss it as a sign of their oath. The gesture slowly but surely grew to include book, letter and paperwork certification, being referred to as being “sealed with a kiss”.

#10 I Present To You, A Shark Valentine’s Box, Because My 5-Year-Old Has A Crush On A Boy Who Likes Sharks

Image credits: riiitaxo

#11 A Metal Bouquet Of Roses That I Made For My Boyfriend As A Valentine’s Day Gift

Image credits: queen_next_door

#12 No Reservations. Surprised My Girlfriend With Fine Dining At Home On Valentine’s Day

Image credits: kwtransporter66

And humans aren’t the only ones celebrating Valentine’s Day… well, OK, they are, but they also drag pets into it, so, by analogy, it’s not just humans. Back in early 2020, it was estimated that folks have spent $1.7 billion on Valentine’s gifts for their pets. Back then, it was estimated that a single individual could pay up to $196 for their Valentines. Yes, that includes animal companions.

#13 This Year’s Pun Valentine’s For My Preschooler’s Class

Image credits: worldwillawaken

#14 When We Got Married A Year Ago, I Couldn’t Afford A Gold Band For My Husband. For Valentine’s Day, I Got Him An Upgrade

Image credits: mollyclaireh

#15 Girlfriend Got Woodworking Classes For Me (And Her) For Valentine’s Day. Been A Long-Time Lurker And Am Glad To Have Finally Made The Jump. Looking Forward To Learning A Lot More

Image credits: balward

And while pets are a popular choice for a Valentine, they are not the most popular ones. That title goes to teachers. And rightfully so.

In fact, they get so many gifts that they out-do the likes of children, wives and moms.

#16 When You’re Alone On Valentine’s Day So Your Mother Sends You This

Image credits: clashvalley

#17 My Valentine’s Gift To My Mom. Another One From Disney’s Once Upon A Wintertime

Image credits: humanteabag

Besides candy, the next most gifted thing are flowers. Over 50 million roses are given on average on Valentine’s Day worldwide. Mother’s Day is the other celebration for flowers.

And it’s also important to pick the appropriate color for the flower, as each color has its own symbolism, like red is for passion and love, and white is for purity.

#18 My Valentine’s Present This Year From My Boyfriend Is Too Adorable Not To Share

Image credits: tstrib

#19 Good Luck To Anyone Who Tries To Top This Valentine’s Day In Her Future

Image credits: MapleLeafs

#20 Happy Valentine’s Day

Image credits: Aussiewhiskeydiver

#21 My Son Got Me This For Valentine’s Day And It Warmed My Heart

Image credits: Femmer15

Besides love, other great historical things happened on Valentine’s Day. Things like Oregon and Arizona becoming states on February 14th of 1859 and 1912 respectively. Oh, and the dude who invented the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, filed his patent for the invention on Valentine’s day too.

#22 Drew This For My Wife For Valentine’s Day, Us At Hogwarts

Image credits: Tundrastrider

#23 Some Valentine’s Day Koala Cookies I Made For My Daughter’s Class In School. The Theme Is “You’re A Koala-Ty Friend”

Image credits: Rcrowley32

#24 Note I’m Sending To My Crush On Valentine’s Day

Image credits: Olliethedinokid

Now, if you’re still wondering what to do for Valentine’s day, the listicle you’re currently browsing should be a great source of inspiration.

But if you feel like you want to get them a meaningful and practical gift, focus on something that could involve both of you. If it’s an experience, go to a concert, dinner or take them somewhere that only you two know for a picnic.

#25 This Is, By Far, The Best Valentine’s Day Gift I Have Ever Been Given. Some Are Lovely And Some Are Kind Of Sad, But This Gift Makes Me Feel Very Loved

Image credits: GolfTripAnimal

#26 I’m Not The Only One Who Liked My Valentine’s Present

Image credits: Cucumba17

#27 My Non-Embroidering Boyfriend Got A Kit And Made Me This Cross Stitch Pendant And It Really Blew Me Away. Happy Valentine’s Day

Image credits: me0wsofur

If you do insist on getting a gift instead of an experience, again get something you both can enjoy. If a tandem bike might be a bit of an overkill (high risk, high reward?) then get a board game. Or get all of the subscriptions to streaming services for one month and binge everything. How’s that for a month-long Valentine’s Day?

#28 Handmade Wooden Rose My Boyfriend Made Me For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: ErinMiFo

#29 Amazon Did A Better Job At Remembering Valentine’s Day Than I Did

Image credits: TrumpsNeckSmegma

#30 Every Year, I Take Orders For Personalized Valentine’s Cookies And Donate All The Money To A Local Charity. Fourth Year For This Fundraiser And I Was Able To Donate $1540 To A Youth Group

Image credits: JolieLily

So, do you have a Valentine yet? How will you be spending Valentine’s Day and, more importantly, what is your choice of chocolate? Share your takes and stories in the comments below!

And if you need more, Bored Panda suggests jumping into the rabbit hole that is ‘reading another article’.

#31 I Decided Not To Let The Fact That I’m Single Keep Me From Giving A Gift From The Heart On Valentine’s Day

Image credits: connord83

#32 If You Don’t Have A Valentine Today, Dwight Is Your Valentine

Image credits: princessohio

#33 Harlow Wanted To Show Everyone His Valentine’s Day Collar

Image credits: TrainingZebra5898

#34 My Boyfriend And I Are In A Long-Distance Relationship. His Mom Made Me Chocolate Strawberries Because She Was Worried I’d Be Lonely On Valentine’s Day

I’m gonna cry. I love her so much!

Image credits: novixus1108

#35 My Boyfriend And I Exchanged Gifts Early For Valentine’s Day. His Gift For Me, A Rose He Made Himself In The Shop

Image credits: william-shakesbeer

#36 My Wife’s Valentine’s Day Surprise For Tomorrow, How Did I Do?

Image credits: re1d

#37 168 Tentacles Later. These Are The Keychains I Made For My Son’s Classmates For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: thenakedpanda

#38 My Valentine’s Day Gift For My Wife. I Bought A Chest At A Craft Store. Sanded It, Stained It, Sealed It, Engraved It, And Filled It With 365 Love Notes: One A Day Until Next Valentine’s

Image credits: lorgskyegon

#39 When You Find The Perfect Valentine’s Day Card And So Does He

Image credits: harmoniousharpy

#40 My Wife Let Me Get A New Pet For Valentine’s Day. Meet Buzz Quillington

Image credits: WhtRbbt222

#41 Meet Tillie, The Best Valentine’s Day Present, Ever

Image credits: dsa1t

#42 Happy Valentine’s Day (Or As Bulgarians Celebrate It – Wine Day) From These Sofia Traffic Lights

Image credits: dontflyaway

#43 Asked My Boyfriend What His Favorite Minecraft Flower Was And He Happened To Choose One Of The Harder Ones To Make. Going To Surprise Him With It For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: SaltedRei

#44 Harrison Is Ready For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: TofuttiKlein-ein-ein

#45 Jersey Was Born On Valentine’s Day, And She Has Two Heart Markings. Happy 15th Birthday Jersey Kitty! And Happy Valentine’s Day To You All

Image credits: LuckiestarZ

#46 Happy Valentine’s Day Indeed

Image credits: DLanceBlack

#47 That Is So Nice And Thoughtful

Image credits: valentinavoight

#48 Is This Good Enough For A First Valentine’s Day?

Image credits: Scary_Ad138

#49 Please Enjoy What My Husband (A Non-Crocheter) Got Me For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: griddledcheese

#50 This Mixtape My Dad Gave My Mom For Valentine’s Day 1981

Image credits: bootscallahan

#51 These High School Boys Gave My Mom A Valentine’s Present

Image credits: weirdonobeardo

#52 19 Finger Puppets Sent With My 6-Year-Old For Valentine’s Class Gifts

Image credits: –WhiteRaven–

#53 My 4th-Grade Stepdaughter Made A Valentine’s Card For Mom

Image credits: Edawg661

#54 I Just Finished My Wife’s Valentine’s Day Present: A Full Remodel Of Our Master Closet

Image credits: JephriB

#55 For Valentine’s Day, My Girlfriend And I Delivered 36 Flower Arrangements

Image credits: BashinRobin

#56 My Three-Year-Old Son Wanted His Valentine’s Day Box At School To Be Him And His Sister, So We Made It Happen

Image credits: dustinmypants

#57 A Customer Bought A Bouquet Of Flowers, Then Handed Them To Me Right Before She Walked Out And Said “Happy Valentine’s Day”

I am a 30-year-old female, married, but my husband and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, never have. Today at work (I work at a gas station), a customer bought the bouquet and handed it to me before leaving. When I said “Aww, thank you!”, I accidentally also said “But why?” and she said “Women empowering women, especially today (we don’t live too far from MSU so last night and today were rough).

Image credits: starshine913

#58 My 5-Year-Old & 7-Year-Old Sons Wish You A Happy Valentine’s Day

Image credits: modmotion

#59 My 10-Year-Old Son Asked Me To Make Him A Mailbox For His Valentine’s Day School Party. He Picked The Colors

Image credits: ChocolateFixesAll

#60 My Mom Painted My Kitten For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: overandunder_86

#61 My Boyfriend Is A Huge Space Nerd So I Made This For Him For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: a_mayonegg

#62 She Really Is The Best. Although I Have No Plans

Image credits: honeysucklebuckthorn

#63 My Mom Knows I Get Really Lonely On Valentine’s Day So She Surprised Me With This. Made Me Cry With Happiness

Image credits: Apprehensive_Cat762

#64 My Valentine’s Day Gift To My Boyfriend Who Loves The Strange Planet Comics

Image credits: Gimliwithovaries

#65 Cheers To All Long-Distance Couples! Happy Valentine’s Day

Image credits: spudermanfarfromhome

#66 Valentine’s Present For My Girlfriend, Hope She’ll Like It

Image credits: bart_sloper

#67 Just Finished My Kiddo’s First Valentine’s Box For School. Not Too Shabby For Being Way Out Of Practice

Image credits: itsamemelanie

#68 My Son’s Valentine To Me

Image credits: elephantsandkitties

#69 Here Going Through My Old School Work And Found A Bag Of Valentines From 1993 (Grade 4)

Image credits: Baystain

#70 Valentines From 1991, Found In A Box From My Mom

Image credits: elenajm

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