Squirrel Ruins 82,000 Liters of Milk

Burnaby, British Columbia was the locale for one of those chain reaction stories in which a small action becomes a big mess. A squirrel chewed through a wire on an (electric company) BC Hydro utility pole. The pole caught on fire as a result, and electrical power was down for more than 150 Burnaby residents …and one factory. Scardillo Cheese was able to rent generators to keep their cheese refrigerated, but not enough to refrigerate the milk waiting to be made into cheese. Power was restored after about 12 hours, but by then, 82,000 liters of milk were spoiled.  

The company is estimated to lose about a week of production disposing of and cleaning up the milk. The squirrel is still at large.

-via Atlas Obscura

Source: neatorama

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