Staggeringly detailed birds and bugs made from recycled bikes

Repurposed art never gets old, only better. Edouard Martinet has created a series of recreation of metallic birds and insects using discarded junk. And they’re gorgeous!

The French artist uses scrapped parts of bicycles, cars, and other household objects for these staggeringly detailed interpretations of birds and other tiny critters. The discarded parts translate so well into sculptures that you’ll automatically look beyond the windshield wipers acting as legs of a fly, for example. The Sladmore Contemporary describes the work, “What sets Martinet’s work apart is the brilliant formal clarity of his sculptures, and their extraordinary elegance of articulation. His degree of virtuosity is unique: he does not solder or weld parts. His sculptures are screwed together.”

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Check out some of his recycled part sculptures below, and click here for videos and other works.



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