Stand Out With a Bold Resume and Cover Letter Set

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Let’s face it, crafting a resume and cover letter can feel like wrangling cats. You want them to be professional, yet eye-catching. Traditional templates leave you looking like everyone else on the applicant pile. But what if you could inject some personality without sacrificing polish?

Enter the world of resume and cover letter sets that defy the beige. We’re talking about templates like the one by TypoEdition featuring a stunning pink and purple border. This isn’t your grandma’s resume template. It’s a statement piece designed to make you the center of attention (for all the right reasons).

Please note that this template requires Adobe InDesign. You can get the latest version from the Adobe Creative Cloud website—take a look here.

A Resume and Cover Letter Set with Pink and Purple Border by TypoEdition
A Resume and Cover Letter Set with Pink and Purple Border by TypoEdition

Why Embrace the Bold?

A resume and cover letter are your first impression on a potential employer. A regular template might land you in the “meh” pile. But a bold design, like the pink and purple set, communicates confidence and creativity. It shows you’re not afraid to think outside the box, a quality many employers value.

But Won’t It Look Unprofessional?

Not necessarily! The beauty of this template is that it balances eye-catching colors with clean lines and professional fonts. It lets your personality shine through but maintains a sense of authority.

Here are some tips for using a bold template effectively:

  • Keep it consistent: Use the same color scheme and fonts throughout your resume and cover letter.
  • Content is king: Don’t let the design overshadow your skills and experience. Ensure your content is clear and concise, and highlights your qualifications.
  • Tailor it: While the template provides a strong foundation, tweak it to fit the specific job you’re applying for.

Beyond the Rainbow: Explore Your Options

The pink and purple set might not be for everyone. The good news is, there’s a world of bold resume and cover letter templates waiting to be explored. From geometric patterns to watercolor accents, there’s a design to match your unique personality.

So ditch the dull and embrace the bold. Your resume and cover letter are your chance to make a lasting impression. With a touch of creativity, you can land that dream job and show the world you’re a force to be reckoned with.

Feel free to find other trending design templates for different creative needs on WE AND THE COLOR.

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