Standalone Legs, You Provide the Table or Bench Surface

In 2005, a church was being renovated in Christopher March’s hometown in Austria. The old pews were discarded for new ones. March, an industrial designer, found the wobbly pews beyond repair, but managed to salvage some seating surfaces. Seeking to make them usable again, he rigged up some simple bent tubing:

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He then evolved the design of the improvised legs into the GehStell-Bank (“go stand bench”) legs, made of powder-coated steel.

“Whether chipboard, the old tree house or boards with engraved love messages, anyone who wants can clamp their favorite piece of wood and get a personal piece of seating furniture.”

“They can be set up and dismantled without tools in just a few simple steps and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Made in South Tyrol.”

The €125 (USD $123) units have found a market at festivals, fairs, pop-ups and salons.

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March sells the GehStell-Bank through his March Gut brand, formed with fellow industrial designer Marek Gut. “It bothers us a bit when our friends of MARCH GUT can hardly afford furniture. That’s why we decided on direct sales without detours,” the duo writes. “Good product design – beautiful, well thought out and affordable!”

Source: core77

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