Star Wars puns — 10 variations on Chewbacca

In a project called Drewbacca, London-based designer and illustrator Joe Stone riffs off of Chewbacca’s hobbies with a series of black and white drawings. We see a drawing of Canoebacca as the Wookie paddles along. We also see Haikubacca where Chewie recites a multisyllabic yet unintelligible poem.

This project is a sequel to two other hilarious Star Wars extrapolations. Drawntroopers turns Stormtroopers into drawings like Lawntrooper or a Forlorntrooper. The project Vadars gives us gems like Scarf Vadar and Garth Vadar.

Stone says that he was “raised on a steady diet of comic books, video games and movies” which have obviously infiltrated his design aesthetic. For a bit of design humor, check out his interpretation of CMYK as though it were being performed by the band Village People.



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