Starbucks Baristas Come Together In This Online Community To Spill The Most Infuriating Things About Their Job (88 New Pics)

Let’s have a big round of applause for all the baristas out there who smilingly greet us grumpy in the mornings and send us off with a great start to the day, aka the morning cup of coffee, on which everything that waits ahead relies. Meetings, dates, calls, you name it.

So let’s just all imagine the uncaffeinated bunch of clients Starbucks workers see every day. In fact, we don’t need to imagine that, thanks to the Reddit community which goes by the same name, r/Starbucks. Here, the employees of the popular coffeehouse chain spill it all, the good and the bad.

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Below, you’ll find the stories they shared about the most awful clients, craziest orders and everything they had to deal with at work and it’s just pure madness. After you’re done reading this one, be sure to check out part 1 with more Starbucks horror stories.

#1 My Dog Passed And They Told Me To Come To Work Anyway So I Quit. Her Name Is Eva

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#2 An Inspiration To Us All

Image credits: JakeWoody

#3 Support The Workers

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According to Starbucks’ careers website, baristas are the face of Starbucks. The popular coffeehouse chain states that “They are an important part of our customers’ days, and experts in handcrafting delicious, perfect beverages.” Moreover, “Baristas personally connect and create moments that make a difference and work together to create a welcoming store environment,” says the company’s website. Starbucks argues that baristas are the ones who bring their mission and values to life “while proudly wearing the green apron.”

#4 This Would Be A Great Stress Relief Practice

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#5 Pouring One Out For R/Starbucks And R/Subway I Love You Guys

Image credits: icedcoffeefucks

#6 Again? What Is This?!

Image credits: Some-Maintenance7583

So what exactly is the company looking for in the people who greet customers every day? Well, Starbucks argues that you’d make a great barista if you are a “people person,” and enjoy meeting others, love working as a team and appreciate the chance to collaborate, understand how to create a great customer service experience, have a focus on quality and take pride in your work. So if you press apply for a barista position on their website, you’d be surprised how much importance they put on social and interpersonal skills. No wonder why, when you look at the clients they have to deal with on a daily basis.

#7 Starbucks: We Are Forced To Raise Prices Due To Inflation And Supply-Chain Issues. Also Starbucks: Our Profit Just Went Up 31% And We Gave Our CEO A 39% Raise To $20.4 Million.

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#8 Some People Live In The Purge

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#9 Somebody Backed Into Our Window On Friday, And This Was Presented To Us Today. Sometimes Work Is Okay.

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On the other hand, working as a barista at Starbucks is still viewed as a first job for college students since the company is flexible with working hours and has many locations to meet your needs. According to, average Starbucks barista hourly pay in the United States is approximately $12.55, which meets the national average.

However, like many companies, Starbucks faced labor shortage in 2021 and announced it was raising their average pay up to $17 an hour starting late January 2022. Around the same time, the company also announced that it was investing in training, as well as redesigning its “Barista Basics” guide and adding more training time.

#10 Some Whiteout Poetry Dedicated To Being A Partner

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#11 “Managers Favorite” Lmao

Image credits: Karuptkillett

#12 The Bucks Be Draining Yo

Image credits: ihyomeo

#13 This Is Just… A Lot

Image credits: tyh64

#14 Find A Lizard?

Image credits: LizardsMedia

#15 Honestly

Image credits: Icyorgies

#16 If Only All Customers Were Like This

Image credits: eaguh

#17 *ehem*

Image credits: QueenTahllia

#18 ???

Image credits: sumsum1642

#19 Working Thanksgiving Sucks, So I Made All My Baristas Gift Bags! Thank You For Everything You Do.

Image credits: oldmansbelt

#20 When They Drive/Walk Past The Tip Jar:

Image credits: Sandra86says

#21 Water And Whip No

Image credits: AubryAndrews

#22 Also This

Image credits: Sunflower0294

#23 Truth

Image credits: SmittyComic

#24 Walked Into My Store And Burst Into Laughter. Gotta Love These Shortages.

Image credits: JocularGiant

#25 Got This Order Today…

Image credits: MedicFlutter

#26 “Please Don’t Verbally Assault The Baristas”

Image credits: JerryBrownNote


Image credits: h_annahliz

#28 ?

Image credits: caulicarter

#29 It’s Starting To Get To Me

Image credits: littolexi

#30 Dead Inside

Image credits: awaythrowawayyay

#31 60 Frappuccinos With No Tip… $279

Image credits: Relative_Nail_3145

#32 How It Feels When Ur On Cafe/Mobile Bar And The Stickers Won’t Stop Coming Through

Image credits: ThatsTheWayItGoesBud

#33 I’m No Longer A Starbucks Barista! I Drew How I Felt Most Of The Time

Image credits: madzLL

#34 After A Full Week Of Telling Customers “Sorry, We’re All Out Of Food”… Behold, The Food Delivery Mattress.

Image credits: AppropriateDark4742

#35 Yes. “Simple”

Image credits: bluddyRivers

#36 Blursed Order

Image credits: UPokedTheBear

#37 Telling Customers We’re Out Of Product.

Image credits: Silvawuff

#38 It’s Happening

Image credits: jugularvoider

#39 It’s An Addiction

Image credits: Blue-Sky1325

#40 This Is Insanity. Too Many Pumps!

#41 Me Watching Karen’s Card Get Declined

Image credits: haydensidun

#42 Got Asked Today Why We’re Out Of Oatmilk And Caramel Everything

Image credits: gfrias

#43 How Today Is Going. Happy Sunday!

Image credits: sublevel009

#44 I Am So Tired.

Image credits: Lanth101

#45 How Dads Think They Look When Ordering Pink Drinks

Image credits: sl0ppyjolene

#46 Love You All Xoxo

Image credits: Thing2008

#47 The Life Of An Opener

Image credits: propaneWD40

#48 I Gotta Work On It

Image credits: Gingersnap5322

#49 Needless To Say We’ve Been Verbally Abused A Lot

Image credits: Squidofthe7seas

#50 So Long

Image credits: diorsvision

#51 Can I Get A Wandavision Frappuccino?

Image credits: KlunkerPunker

#52 Sarah Once Again Woke Up And Chose Violence, 85 Item Order. Total Was $329 (Uber Eats)

Image credits: mholquin

#53 And People Wonder Why Their Orders Take So Long…

Image credits: Stonetowndriven

#54 Uber Eats Customers Ordering Their Concoctions Like:

Image credits: eveninglovell

#55 In Honor Of The Usual That Only Comes In To Shout At Us (T_t)

Image credits: rwcgamer

#56 When Mcdonald’s Customers Come To Starbucks And Order A “French Vanilla”

Image credits: rurifalls

#57 Still Haven’t Figured Out How To Milk An Oat

Image credits: Brandi737Maxxxx

#58 Somebody Literally Set Our Store On Fire Sunday And My Coworkers And I Didn’t Know What To Do So We Just Kept Making Drinks

Image credits: softpinkboba

#59 Bill Are You Ok

Image credits: haleslyons

#60 Yoooooo I Love This

Image credits: Thing2008

#61 Summer Anklet ?

Image credits: coldbeanburrito

#62 Based On A True Story

Image credits: rwcgamer

#63 Fact Check: True

Image credits: DesVoeux

#64 Cheerleading Competition

Image credits: Relevant-Future-6512

#65 Someone Ordered 40 Triple Espressos At The Beginning Of Peak

Image credits: singing_canary_

#66 So I Went To Starbucks And…

Image credits:


Image credits: BreakGlitch

#68 When You Pull The Stickers For 6 Different Fraps In A Row

Image credits: Kdeabill

#69 This Made Me Smile

Image credits: Travelllllisfun

#70 My Shift Today Calling Every Store In The District Like

Image credits: basicsllyclarkkent96

#71 We Had A $840 Traveler Order Due At 5 A.m.

Image credits: Beang0blin

#72 Promoted Myself To Customer After 3.5 Long Years

Image credits: Slave2theSiren

#73 Last Sunday I Had To Make 11 Travelers In Less Than An Hour. I Still Haven’t Mentally Recovered.

Image credits: tinypeepeehole

#74 Hi I Open

Image credits: Ozzy064

#75 Me About To Go Into My Sunday Shift After The Mask Mandate Has Been Lifted.

Image credits: Alana_Chowdhury_

#76 Everyone Always Has The Opener vs. Closer Mentality, But Meanwhile Mids Be Like:

Image credits: scogle98

#77 Honestly About To Put In My Two Weeks After Seeing This

Image credits: bajablastfreezy

#78 Clocking On During The Fall Be Like

Image credits: JohnDaPugLuva

#79 Yuck!

Image credits: queerlykenan

#80 Ridiculous Orders

Image credits: alluringluna

#81 ?

Image credits: CupcakesAreGayMuffin

#82 What Is My Purpose?

Image credits: is_it_soy

#83 Meme Request Fulfilled

Image credits: snowflakenecklace

#84 Uh.

Image credits: Enough-Negotiation71

#85 What’s A Fizzio??

Image credits: blueberrycameleon

#86 Walked Into This On My Stores Whiteboard This Morning

Image credits: Pastel-Eevee

#87 When You’re On Bar, Hand Out A Drink And The Customer Says “I Had Egg Bites”

Image credits: butter-sock69

#88 No One At My Store Liked My Meme, Maybe You Guys Will

Image credits: TailsUK


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