Stay Away, Fools!

Back in 1989, the B52s gave us a summer party anthem that took us to the “Love Shack.” Thirty years later, we all remember it well. The song was bouncy and happy and fun. But it could have been very different. What if H.P. Lovecraft had written the song “Love Shack”?

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That morning, I had set out with Cedric (a fellow medical student at Miskatonka State) with the intention of putting to rest a ludicrously backwoods Southern legend. We had set off in a massive horse-carriage, a true leviathan capable of holding twenty souls, which bore the chrome mark of its maker: Chrysler Manufactory, Detroit.

As we left Atlanta, we gave the horses free rein, and our great carriage set sail down the broad, cypress-lined highways. Our easy progress, however, was not to last. As the hours stretched on, an oppressive mist began to rise from the accursed marshes that surrounded us. Cedric and I spent uncountable hours peering into the gloom, and just as I was about to lose all hope, at the side of the road, a faded sign shewed forth:


It gets better from there. So come along, and bring your juke box money! The horror edition of “Love Shack” is at McSweeney’s. -via Metafilter

(Image credit: “Forgotin”by Martin Eckles is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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