Stephen King's Most Controversial Book

In 1977, Signet Books published a YA novel titled Rage by Richard Bachman. The author was really Stephen King, but publishers at the time thought it was unwise to print more than one book a year from any one author, so King used the pen name. Rage was pretty popular, and it was an engaging, well-written story. However, when you, here in 2024, find out what the plot involved, you will immediately see the problem. King himself eventually turned against his own novel. The author can’t help that his scary stories appeal to young readers, but since then he has mainly stuck to supernatural terrors, such as drain-dwelling clowns and telekinetic prom queens. Rage has been out of print for a long time, which just drives up the price for used copies. Maybe those high prices will keep it from young, alienated, and impressionable students. Weird History explains the weird case of Rage and why it’s no longer available in bookstores.  

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Source: neatorama

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