Steve Giralt: Two Amazing Campaigns for Super Bowl

Photographer, director and visual engineer Steve Giralt worked on two incredible campaigns that premiered during Super Bowl.

The first campaign is from Cincinnati based GoDutch agency for Pepsi, playing on the brand’s long time rivalry with Coke. The city of Atlanta got covered very fast by Steve Giralt’s images, since Pepsi is one of Super Bowl 53’s biggest sponsors.

With over 350 ads around the city displaying playful taglines like “Pepsi in Atlanta. How refreshing”, the company swarmed the city with recycling bins and even the walls of train stations. The beverage styling was done by Brett Kurzweil.

The CNN reports that the ads are not only huge, they’re snarky too.

We are absolutely leaning in to make sure that we are painting Atlanta blue during the Super Bowl, said Greg Lyons, chief marketing officer for Pepsi Beverages North America.

Devour’s food porn campaign

The second campaign is Kraft/Heinz brand Devour‘s food porn campaign, shot with David in Miami and the food styling was by Liz Duffy. Devour has turned their website into a food version of Pornhub. Steve Giralt turned up the heat and shot all the content for their amazing food porn website. His imagery can also be seen in the Super Bowl commercial (video below).

The ads, which only ran for a day, read “See hot food porn now.” The Pornhub logo was additionally shown with a fork through it. Devour centering its campaign around a “food porn” motif is relatively tame but intentionally running ads on Pornhub is bound to raise a few eyebrows, which might be exactly what the brand wants before its big game debut.

What do you think? Which one is your favourite?

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