Stick Chair Class: Day 5

On Friday we wrapped up the class and assembled six new stick chairs. Also, thanks to the generosity of Lost Art Press readers, all the students took a complete kit of cherry parts home for their next stick chair – plus the jigs and patterns necessary to make that great leap at home.

Making stick chairs in cherry is a special challenge. It’s not as strong as oak, so repairing a split here and there is common. Also, a lot of this cherry was curly, so that made it fun to get the surfaces free of tear-out. 

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But in the end, the chairs look great. And each one reflects the personality of its maker. 

I’d like to thank everyone who made this class possible. Aspen Golann at The Chairmaker’s Toolbox worked with a few other people to select the six students from more than 200 applications. Megan Fitxpatrick (misspelling intended) helped me keep everything on track during the week. Harper Haynes, our summer intern, shot and edited the videos you’ve been watching all week. 

And y’all – the blog readers – put up the money that made the class special. Thank you.

If you’d like to see what sort of seed you’ve planted, definitely follow the students on Instagram. Here are their usernames:


And expect great things. I sure do.

— Christopher Schwarz


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