Stove Burners That Hang on the Wall When You Don't Need Them

???Plenty of urban dwellers can, and do, live without ovens. I was one of them, and my friends in New York that did have ovens often used them to store sweaters. But few can live without a stovetop.

The problem with stovetops in a space-tight apartment is that they take up so much dang space. Most city apartments have tiny kitchens and every square inch counts. So Adriano Design’s Ordine, a stowable dual-burner induction hub system, looks like it would come in handy.

A revolution that changes the concept of the kitchen top, a cooking hub you can place ?wh?en and where you need it, and then, once fulfilled it its purpose, you can hang it like a pan.

More freedom to arrange the cooking space, modularity, scalability, like a building block to build a cooking narrative, unthinkable magical scenarios of a new architecture to come. Ordine transforms and creates a new order … in the kitchen.

??Another of the company’s offerings is the Cucinotta, designed for spaces where there isn’t even a counter to spare. And it comes with a self-contained hood:

A simple wooden structure supports an induction hub, a utility drawer (that may be transformed into a fridge) and a hood, all easily transportable to anywhere, attached only to a discreet red power cord.

Check out more of Adriano Design’s kitchen innovations here.?

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