Stream Seating How-to from Peter Galbert

Peter Galbert’s hoop-back on the left, and perch on the right. He uses these to seating forms to teach you the foundations of chairmaking in his new video series.

Peter Galbert, author of “Chairmaker’s Notebook” and video presenter of “Spindle Turning for Furniture Makers” (both from Lost Art Press), has just released the first of two streaming videos in his new “Foundation in Chairmaking” series. Watch the trailer here.

Part one (available now) focuses on kiln-dried wood and Pete’s “perch” – a stool with a decidedly modern look. In this episode, he discusses chair design and ergonomics, and introduces all the tools and techniques to get you started in chairmaking. And he shows you how to make the perch, of course.

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Part two (available soon) will focus on green wood and making a traditional Winsdor hoop-back stool (what some might call a sack back), and introduce some more advanced techniques.

Pete says that his overall goal “is to remove whatever is limiting you from making your chairs. Because really, this technology is as simple as drilling a hole, and whittling a peg to fit in it, and knocking it home.”

The tools Pete introduces/shows you how to use.

Altogether, Pete says there will be 8-10 hours of video instruction in this “foundation” series (all included in the $69.99 price). By the time the series is complete, you’ll have a solid foundation in chairmaking tools and techniques, as well as design and comfort considerations, to make many kinds of seating – and you’ll discover that chairmaking isn’t scary at all!

This link will take you to all of Pete’s Vimeo videos (including his recent series on using milk paint), as well as Vimeo videos featuring Pete’s work (I’d forgotten about that video Chris Schwarz did of “Chairmaker’s Notebook!). To sign up for his new series, click on the trailer for “Foundations.”

— Fitz

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