Streets: Finok (Brazil)

Finok was recently invited to take part in the fourth edition of Festival Concreto that took place in Fortaleza, Brazil. Working along with 20 international and 20 other artists from all around Brazil, the Sao Paulo-based artist created a simple intervention on one of the local houses.

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Constantly inspired by local traditions and the mixture of various cultures in his homeland, Finok created a piece that is directly influenced by local celebrations of São João. Taking his signature green character as the base, he wrapped it inside a line of lights, following the local tradition of putting illumination on the streets and churches during celebrations. Visually elevating it from the ground with a yellow section with wave-like patterns, and connecting it to its environment with subdued silhouettes of palm trees, Finok once again successfully blended his creation with its surroundings.

Photo credit by Igor Barbosa.
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Source: arrestedmotion

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