Streets: Vhils // Splash and Burn (Sumatra)

Following up on our sharing of murals, interventions, and print releases related to the Splash And Burn initiative (started by artist Ernest Zacharevic) in Sumatra, we now have photos of the latest mural completed Vhils. Furthering the project’s aim to use art to encourage a wider conversation on ecological issues, the Portuguese artist created a portrait of a Tapanuli Orangutan in Medan, Indonesia. Actualized with the Lisbon-based artist’s signature markmaking technique, the recently discovered species of Great Ape took shape with the help of a sledgehammer and black paint. This new piece aims to bring attention to how a recently approved hydropower dam is set to decimate their habitat and hopefully find a way to relocate the project.

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Vhils further explains – “It comes down to activists and artists to raise awareness for the tensions that globalization creates. The world is not taking the time to consider how to move forward, there is no effort to reflect on the real impact of decisions. It is the artists who power the cities we live in, who counterbalance the pressures of different issues by creating images on walls. You can start a discussion of public issues that otherwise would not be there.”

Photo credit: Ernest Zacharevic, Skaiste, and Nicholas Chin.
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Source: arrestedmotion

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