Student Has Natural White Streaks In Her Hair, School Tries To Suspend Her For “Violating The Dress Code”

One of the most annoying things in life (and I’m sure you’ll agree, dear Pandas) is having to deal with smug and arrogant jerks who think they’re the bee’s knees and right all the time, despite the exact opposite being true. And if they’re working in the school system, you can bet that they’ll put a lot of unneeded stress on their students.

Redditor u/Cut-Unique shared an in-depth story about what happened to her cousin, who is a senior in a private Christian high school. Naturally, some schools have very strict rules and policies related to dress codes. However, there are limits to this and it seems that some school staff might have lost their common sense somewhere along their career paths as educators.

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The redditor shared how her cousin got into major trouble at school because of a natural patch of white hair that she has growing at the front of her head. Nobody believed her that it was natural and the school practically forced her to dye her hair “back to its natural color.” Scroll down to read the entire story in u/Cut-Unique’s words, shared on r/MaliciousCompliance, to find out how things went and ended up.

The scientific term for when a person is born with or develops a patch of white or gray hair is poliosis, from the Greek word for gray, pilios. People with poliosis either have no melanin or decreased levels of it in the roots of the affected hairs.

The teachers at a strict Christian school thought one of their students was lying about having a lock of naturally white hair

Image credits: anouchka (not the actual photo)

Here’s the full story, as told by the student’s cousin

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The redditor later gave some extra context about what the school dress code is like

Here’s an approximate photo of what the author of the post’s cousin looks like, naturally, because she has poliosis

Image credits: rodankersalons (not the actual photo)

None of the school staff believed the high school senior when she said that she’s always had a patch of white hair. It took her dyeing her hair, the white regrowing near the roots, and her parents showing up with family albums at the school, to actually get the staff to change their perspectives. As a result, due to all the frustration, u/Cut-Unique shared that their cousin will no longer be returning to the private school next semester. Instead, she will be homeschooled.

Previously, I spoke to a member of the Grombre community that celebrates naturally gray and white hair. “We are a group of women from all around the world with different backgrounds and stories but we have a similar approach to society’s standards of beauty which is: “You don’t need to fit in to be considered beautiful,” Abu Michaelides told Bored Panda.

“I’ve always had gray hair since I was a teenager but back then gray hair was associated with older women only, so I didn’t even think of it as an option back then. So I started to dye my hair,” she shared her story.

“As the years went by, it became more and more difficult to maintain. I never really enjoyed spending hours and hours at the hairdressers, but back then it seemed like the only option. In the meantime, my mom’s hair has gone silver gradually and I really admired the color but again it was a ‘mom color.’ So, until a year ago, after spending countless hours and a significant amount of money on my hair I decided to get a pixie cut and stop coloring my hair altogether. It felt like I’ve reconnected with my real self. Best decision I’ve ever made,” Abu revealed to Bored Panda.

“For many years silver hair has been associated with older women. And even getting older is a privilege that’s been given to men. A man with silver hair is considered attractive, but when it’s a woman, well, she’s simply old. And no one wants to be seen as old and unattractive and I understand that,” she said.

“They should [stop dyeing their hair] for themselves to feel free to feel comfortable in their own skin. Once they realize they’re beautiful regardless, people will see them through their eyes too. Silver hair is just like any hair color. If you’re happy with yourself, with who you are, your energy will identify you, not your age and not your hair. Don’t let society make you think you’re not beautiful enough just because you’re different. You’re beautiful because you’re different!”

Here’s what some internet users had to say when they read the story online. Some even have poliosis, too

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