Suddenly, a Square Pit in the Road

A few months ago, we were fascinated by watching the mayhem of the physics game BeamNG.Drive when someone put a massive hill in the road. Here’s another dangerous situation from the game that’s going viral. The road looks just fine from a distance, but there’s a giant square pit. Who can drive fast enough to get to the other side? Not many vehicles can do it, so the allure here is watching the rest of them getting ruined in a variety of ways. The takeaway is that you do not want to approach a hidden square pit while pulling a trailer. Unless you’re driving a Tesla cybertruck. Plenty of commenters swear they see potholes this big on their drive to work. The rest of them are arguing that it isn’t a square hole, it’s a rectangle. They’re certainly right. It leaves you with a wreck and a tangle. -via reddit

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Source: neatorama

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