Super Sarcastic Online Community Posts Crappy Movie Details (170 Pics)

Ah, movie details. We all have a favorite film or two and we just love sharing with our friends all the details hidden throughout them, to show off that we’re real fans. But what about less-than-hidden, in-your-face, really-really-bad movie details?

Well, there’s an entire Reddit community that’s dedicated to sharing those—the worst, most boring, and crappiest movie details ever. And it’s all for the sake of having a laugh.

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These redditors are great at using irony and there’s so much sarcasm and humor on the subreddit, it’s hard to stay afloat sometimes. Scroll down for the crappiest movie details and Bored Panda’s interview with one of the subreddit’s moderators, upvote the best (worst?) posts, and let us know if you have any similar details to share about your fave films, Pandas.

#1 In Pixar’s Up (2009) Carl And Ellie Break Into Their Paradise Falls Savings Jar In Order To Pay For Carl’s Hospital Bill, This Is Actually A Clever Reference To The Fact That The American Healthcare System Is Literal Garbage.

Image credits: ShaquilleOatmeal33

#2 In Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (2017), Dwayne Johnson’s Avatar Did Not Have The Power To Read The Map. This Is Because Paper Beats Rock.

Image credits: skyfall91404

#3 During The Filming Of Jurassic Park (1993), T-Rex Was Known To Sweat Profusely As It Was His First Major Role In 55 Million Years.

Image credits: fletchDigital

Redditor Merari01, one of the subreddit’s moderators, told Bored Panda that their top mod “saw an opening in the market” and started up the community in 2017.

“People on reddit love making silly jokes and puns. There’s lots of in-jokes and running gags and that makes a good breeding ground for playfully memeing in the context of movies,” sub mod Merari01 explained why the sub is as successful as it is. They referenced this post as a great example of the community’s playfulness.

The mod also revealed that plenty of internet users get mixed up “all the time,” don’t notice the sarcasm, and think that the posts on the sub are 100% serious. “It’s part of the fun,” they said.

#4 Actors In Black And White Movies Were Often Putting Their Lives In Danger During Driving Scenes, As They Weren’t Able To Tell If The Traffic Light Was Red Or Green.

Image credits: tommystjohnny

#5 The Lion King (1994) Correctly Predicted The Entire Plot For The Lion King (2019)

Image credits: bobbytabl3s

#6 In Game Of Thrones Season 8, Daenerys’ Last Words Are “We Break The Wheel Together” Which Spelled Backwards Says “Rehtegot Leehw Eht Kaerb Ew” Which Doesn’t Make Sense Just Like The Rest Of Season 8.

Image credits: ostlert

The subreddit was founded just over 3 years ago in July 2017 and it’s still going strong. Since then, the community has grown to over 511k members who eagerly wait for the newest posts that might just make any movie buffs giggle as they hide their faces.

Crappy movie details are one thing, but crappy movies are something altogether different. So, what makes a bad movie, well, bad?

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Movies that perform well at the box office, get roaring reviews from critics, and top IMDb lists for the ‘Top 10 [Insert Favorite Genre] Movies of the Year’ don’t automatically make them good. Successful? Sure. Popular? Definitely! Good? It depends.

#7 In Independence Day (1996) The Dog Boomer Survives, Which Makes Him An Ok Boomer

Image credits: Zaptagious

#8 In The Harry Potter Film Series, The Titles All Include “Harry Potter” This Is A Subtle Nod To The Name Of Harry Potter The Main Character Of The Series.

Image credits: xDhezz

#9 The Dark Knight (2008): Despite Being A Murderous Maniac With No Regard For Human Life, The Joker Still Takes Special Precautions To Wear A Mask Around The Vulnerable. This Is Because He Is Not A Fu**ing Idiot

Image credits: Rickmundo

A small budget and an overly ambitious narrative can wreck a movie even if the director’s intentions were good. Newsweek points out the obvious fact that bad movies have terrible acting. Whether its newbie actors paying their dues or professional stars off their game during a new project, stilted and cringeworthy acting won’t win any praises from the crowd.

Unless they’re going for a ‘so bad it’s good’ sorta vibe. In fact, we tend to love bad movies like ‘The Room’ and ‘Sharknado’ because they make us feel just like film critics.

“These films are humorous because they are incredulously awful and you can’t believe that anyone could produce something that bad and think it’s OK. The other thing is it gives you a sense of superiority and a sense of mastery and competence because if you can recognize why it’s bad, you have expertise in this area of film consumption. It makes you feel like an expert film critic,” Salford senior lecturer in psychology Dr. Adam Galpin told New Statesman.

#10 In Star Wars Episode 9, Kylo Ren Receives A Trumpet From …black Widow? Wait What

Image credits: DumplingBoiii

#11 In Avengers Endgame, Fat Thor Is The Butt Of Many Jokes, This Is Because Marvel Thinks Survivor’s Guilt And Ptsd Are Funny Subjects.

Image credits: JoelTLoUisBadass

#12 In Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) Rami Malek Was Wearing Fake Teeth Because Letting Him Wear Freddie Mercury’s Real Teeth Would Have Been Unethical And Really Messed Up

Image credits: Ffailix

#13 In Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End (2007), Captain Jack Sparrow Attempts To Pull The Black Pearl All By Himself. This Is Symbolic Of Johnny Depp Carrying The Whole Weight Of The Franchise On His Shoulders, And Was Worn Out By The Time Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017) Went Into Production.

Image credits: i-got-a-jar-of-rum

#14 In The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Trailer You Can See 22 Coins Instead Of Stars In The Paramount Logo. This Is A Subtle Nod To The Fact That This Movie Will Make 22 USD At The Box Office.

Image credits: andresrinky

#15 Action ?

Image credits: ShitFilmDetails

#16 In The Matrix, A Kid Tells Neo He Has To Realize “There Is No Spoon”. However, If You Look Closely You Can Notice There Is A Spoon In The Scene

Image credits: Haleyisabitch

#17 In Breaking Bad (2008-2013) Walt Jr. Has Trouble Hitting The Brakes. He Is Braking Bad

Image credits: StatusBrowser

#18 The Film 1917, Filmed In 2019, Is Claimed To Have Been A One-Shot Movie. This Is Impossible, As There Were Way Too Many Guns Fired.

Image credits: refusalskills

#19 In The Great Dictator (1940), Charlie Chaplin Used Two “X” Instead Of Swastika To Avoid Getting Demonetize On Youtube

Image credits: Gino1337

#20 In 127 Hours (2010) James Franco Is Seen Cutting Off His Arm To Free Himself From A Boulder Although In Real Life James Kept His Arm, This Is Because James Franco Is A Coward Who Can’t Commit To A Roll

Image credits: JayMan505

#21 In Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker, “Dark Rey” Hisses At Rey And Her Teeth Turn Into Fangs. I Wish I Was Joking, But This Actually Happens In The Movie.

Image credits:

#22 In Iron Man (2008), Iron Man Is Green Because I Am Colorblind.

Image credits: skyfall91404

#23 In The Force Awakens, Adam ‘Driver’ Kills Harrison ‘Ford’. This Is A Reference To The Fact I Crashed My Dads Focus.

Image credits: Awlatif10

#24 In Game Of Thrones, S8e4, You Can Clearly See A Starbucks Cup In One Scene. This Is A Subtle Nod To How The Show Runners Literally Don’t Give A Fu*k Anymore.

Image credits: Cleverly_Clearly

#25 In The Batman Trilogy, There Were No Crows. This Is Because Dr Crane Did A Good Job As A Scarecrow.

Image credits: Ramlal_

#26 In The Dark Knight(2008) Joker Burns A Pile Of Cash, Which Is Illegal In The Us. This Little Detail Implies That Joker Might Be A Bad Person.

Image credits: Bonfire-GTK

#27 In Avengers: Endgame, Rhodes Admits To Nebula He “Wasn’t Always Like This”, Which Is True.

Image credits: random_guy_somewhere

#28 In The Movie Up (2009), Russell Has A Round Appearance. This Is Because He Is Obese.

Image credits: CaptainTologist

#29 In Men In Black (1997), Will Smith Points To The Flashlight To Signify… Sh*t I Forget Why

Image credits: ___Turd_Ferguson___

#30 In Spectre (2015), James Bond Says “I Won’t Be Long.” This Is Correct, As Bond Remains At A Normal Size Throughout The Film.

Image credits: Whysong823

#31 Mulan (2020) Is Currently Having A Difficult Time Getting Positive Reviews. This Is Due The Movie Not Getting Any Reviews, As It Is Not Out Yet.

Image credits: Peregrine__x

#32 In Doctor Strange (2016), Doctor Strange Can Be Seen Defeating His Enemy, An Apple. This Is Because An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away.

Image credits: skyfall91404

#33 The Sandcrawler At The End Of The Rise Of Skywalker(2019) Was Actually Filmed By A Giant

Image credits: ChristianServerJesus

#34 In Cars (2006) Lightning Mcqueen Shows His Dishonesty Early In The Film When He States “I Am Speed” When Actually He Is In Fact, A Car.

Image credits: Jonhinchliffe10

#35 In Shaun Of The Dead (2004), The Entire Movie Is In Hindi. This Is Because I Pirated It And Downloaded The Wrong Torrent.

Image credits: Gamerguybix

#36 During The Final Scene From The Dark Knight Rises, Alfred Is Seen Tilting His Head Forward Slightly, And Then Tilting His Head Back To Its Original Position. This Is A Nod

Image credits: aaron020

#37 Hanks For All The Laughs!

Image credits: SleepyGary5

#38 Joaquin Phoenix Chose This Outfit Himself For This Scene To Pay Homage To His All Time Favourite Movie Star; Mclovin

Image credits: Ares_24

#39 Despite His Name, Actor Adam Driver Was Not Consider For A Role In Baby Driver (2017). This Is Because He Was 33 When The Film Came Out, Meaning He Was An Adult Driver.

Image credits: WorkThatFunction

#40 In The Movie Pulp Fiction, The Glowing Object In The Briefcase Is Actually Tarantino’s N-Word Pass That He Received From Samuel L. Jackson On Set.

Image credits: KrabbyDaddy2729

#41 This Is The Suicide Squad (2016). Notice How Jeffery Epstein Isn’t Part Of The Group.

Image credits: aceRocknut

#42 In Avengers: Endgame (2019), Thanos Says “I Am Inevitable”. This Is A Mistake From The Filmmakers Because He Is Actually Thanos.

Image credits: RayInRed

#43 In Joker (2019), Nobody Laughs At Arthur’s Jokes. This Is Because He Never Says ‘Bazinga’ So The Audience Knows When To Laugh.

Image credits: LiberalsTurnFrogsGay

#44 In Marriage Story (2019) Adam Driver Immediately Begins Crying After He Tells Scarlett Johansson That He Wishes She Was Dead. This Is Because He Realized That He Spoiled Avengers Endgame.

Image credits: Finecollection

#45 In Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Captain America Attempts To Choke Ultron. This Is Because He Is From The 1930s And Doesn’t Understand What A Robot Is.

Image credits: ARK_133

#46 The Devil Is In The Details

Image credits: Andy_McBoatface

#47 In World War Z (2013) Israel Welcomes Palestinians To Their Country, This Is Why The Movie Is Classified As Fiction.

Image credits: jamesdaedalus

#48 In Spiderman Far From Home, Peter Likes Mj. Possibly Suggesting That He Is Heterosexual.

Image credits: Awlatif10

#49 To Prepare For His Role In Black Panther (2018) Michael B Jordan Was Bitten By Over 100 Mosquitoes

Image credits: m_ansari

#50 In Taylor Swift’s 2015 Song “Blank Space” She Says, “I’ll Be The Actress Starring In Your Bad Dreams.” This Is Foreshadowing To Her Role In Cats (2019), Which Will Give All Its Viewers Nightmares

Image credits: pikachuIsMyFurrybae

#51 In Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), There Is A Scene Where- Oh Fu*k My Contact Lense Fell Out S*it I Can’t Fu**ing See Anything

Image credits: yatticus

#52 In The Beginning Of Joker (2019) There’s A Familiar Face In The Mirror.

Image credits: 123batman456

#53 In James Cameron’s Titanic (1997), Rather Than Ending The Movie With The Ship Sinking And Everyone Freezing To Death, The Film Ends Romantically, With Jack Painting Rose Naked. This Is A Reference To The Fact That My Mom Made Me Shut The Movie Off After Kate Winslet Shows Her Boobies On Screen.

Image credits:

#54 Nick Fury’s Name Has Only One Eye In It.

Image credits: skyfall91404

#55 The Movie Contagion (2011) Has Often Been Depicted As A Realistic Movie. However, This Is Untrue As The Us Government – In The Film – Has Been Represented As Acting Proactively And Accordingly To The Pandemic Threat

Image credits: uncle_tiger

#56 In The Movie The Martian (2015) The Main Character Says “I’m Going To Survive”, Within The First 10 Minutes. This Foreshadows That The Main Character Does Infact Survive And He Spoils The Movie For The Viewers. Fu*k You Matt Damon You Spoiling Bit*h

Image credits: BobaMyBoba

#57 In The Force Awakens (2015), The Stormtroopers Look Very Cool, I Think. That Is All.

Image credits: waterdidnuffingcool

#58 In Spider-Man (2002), Uncle Ben Tells Peter That He’ll Drive Him To The Library. This Is Foreshadowing For The Very Next Scene, In Which Uncle Ben Drives Peter To The Library.

Image credits: Batman219

#59 Most Of The Mars Scenes In ‘The Martian’ (2015) Were Actually Filmed On Earth

Image credits: DeathToChickens

#60 My Biologist Friend Went Nuts During Avengers : Infinity War (2018)

Image credits: Akoibon

#61 In Interstellar (2014), The Main Character Tries To Find A New Home For The Younger Generation. This Is A Reference To The Fact That This Movie Is Science-Fiction, Because In Real Life, Boomers Don’t Actually Give A Sh*t About Younger People.

Image credits: TheProfessionalGay

#62 Much To My Dismay, Aquaman (2018) Is Not A Sequel To The Waterboy (1998).

Image credits: TriforceUnleashed

#63 The Winter Soldier Gets His Name From The Red Star On His Arm, Which Symbolizes Christmas, A Winter Holiday

Image credits: random_guy_somewhere

#64 In Star Wars A New Hope, Obi Wan Says, “You’ll Never Find A More Wretched Hive Of Scum And Villainy.” This Is A Reference To The Star Wars Fanbase.

Image credits:

#65 The 2013 Version Of The Great Gatsby Has Some Anachronistic Elements, For Example, Neither Toby Maguire Nor Leonardo Dicaprio Were Alive In The 1920s

Image credits:

#66 In Joker (2019), They Only Had One Prop Clock. They Didn’t Bother Changing The Time On It For Different Scenes.

Image credits: Chewy12

#67 In Return Of The Jedi (1983) Obi Wan Tells Luke That He Has A Sister, And Luke Correctly Guesses It’s Leia. This Is Because There’s No Other Women In The Original Trilogy So It Was An Easy Guess.

Image credits: LemonStains

#68 In Avengers:endgame (2019) Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) Can Be Seen Wearing Red And Embracing Spiderman(Tom Holland).this Is A Reference To A Picture My Mom Took Of Me And My Brother When We Were Kids.

Image credits: ihaventseenmulan

#69 In Avengers: Engame (2019), Loki Is Depicted Wearing A Facemask Over His Mouth, But Not His Nose, Rendering It Ineffective In Fighting The Spread Of Covid-19. This Demonstrates, Without A Doubt, That Loki Is A “Bad Guy”, Because People Who Do This In Real Life Are Bad Guys.

Image credits: LAND0KARDASHIAN

#70 In The TV-Show The Simpsons, Bart Constantly Pushes Moe Szyslak Into Near-Violent Rage. This Is Because Moe Is A Bart Ender.

Image credits: JTRuno

#71 In Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Avengers Tower Is Marked With A Large “A”. This Could Possibly Stand For “Avengers”.

Image credits: justuseredditforporn

#72 In The Film “Suicide Squad”(2016) Deadshot Played By Will Smith Proclaims “So That’s It Huh, We’re Some Kind Of Suicide Squad?” This Is A Subtle Nod That They Are In Fact Some Kind Of Suicide Squad In The Movie “Suicide Squad”

Image credits: GALL0TT0

#73 Mmmm I’m So Hungry

Image credits: GoCommitBruh

#74 In Dark Phoenix (2019), It’s Explained That Quicksilver Doesn’t Actually Move Fast, But Rather Slows Down Time Around Him. What I Just Said Might Be True, Might Not. You Wouldn’t Know, You Didn’t Watch The Movie. Neither Did I.

Image credits: DaddyBreadLoaf

#75 In The Rise Of Skywalker (2019), Darth Vader’s Destroyed Mask Is Frequently Displayed. This Is A Nod To Disney Destroying Darth Vader’s Character Arc.

Image credits: mr_not_a_bot

#76 This Explanatory Scene Was Cut From Batman Begins, After Complaints From Michael Bay That It Contained Too Few Explosions.

Image credits: GloriousCaptainHodor

#77 In Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), There Is A Character Called The Doof Warrior That Rides A Van Made Out Of Amps While Playing An Electric Guitar That Shoots Fire. I Don’t Have Anything Else To Add But Remember That S*it? That Movie Fu**in Ruled, Let’s Watch It

Image credits: 36chambersoffun

#78 In The Toy Story Movies, Andy’s Mom Never Remarries. This Is A Subtle Nod To How Andy And His Mom Were Better Off Without A Stepdad, Just Like How My Mom And I Are Better Off Without Trevor. Stop Dating My Mom Trevor You Stupid Di*k.

Image credits: DickhardCain

#79 In Robocop (1987) Robocop Kills Numerous People Even Though Asimov’s Laws Of Robotics Should Prevent A Robot From Harming Humans. This Is A Reference To The Fact That Laws Don’t Actually Apply To Cops.

Image credits: HanzoShotFirst

#80 In The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne Goes On A Lengthy Murder Spree. This Is A Subtle Nod To The Fact I Bought The Wrong Christian Bale Film

Image credits: SandIsCourse

#81 Despite Being Called “The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas” The Boy Actually Never Wears Pyjamas, But Instead A Prison Uniform.

Image credits: Mr_Avocado_Man

#82 Don’t Take Business Advice From A Disney Movie

Image credits: wheat_thans1

#83 A Plothole In The Godfather Part 2 (1974) Is That The Statue Of Liberty Can Be Seen In The 1910’s Even Though It Didn’t Come To America Till….. Nevermind I Was Wrong. Just Googled It And It Arrived In 1885. My Bad Guys

Image credits: KermitTheFraud92

#84 In Hamilton (2020), After The Reynolds Pamphlet Is Published, The Song ‘Never Gonna Be President Now’ Is Sung. This Is A Reference To The Fact That Being Involved In A Sex Scandal Used To Mean That You Would Not Elected President.

Image credits: Patmac693

#85 In Skyscraper (2018), The Rock Says, “I Won’t Ever Forget This.” This Is Actually A Lie Because Everybody Forgot About This Movie

Image credits: Yolooncey

#86 There Goes The Planet.

Image credits: Unleashtheducks

#87 In The Season 3 Of Friends, David Schwimmer Is Seen Inside The Fountain. That’s A Direct Reference To His Name Because He Is Schwimming Inside That Fountain.

Image credits:

#88 In The Movie Joker (2019), You Can See Arthur Sitting In Front Of A Mirror Shedding A Single Tear While Applying Make Up. This Is Because He Had Just Been Forbidden By The Director To Write The Word ‘Damaged’ On His Forehead.

Image credits: ExecutiveAlpaca

#89 J.k Rowling Confirmed This

Image credits: piqazuzu

#90 In The Movie Shazam! (2019) We Can See That The Movie Bares A Striking Resemblance To The Movie Pet Cemetery (2019). This Is A Subtle Nod To The Fact That I Entered The Wrong Theater.

Image credits: GamerMan197092

#91 In The Dark Knight (2008), Heath Ledger Accidentally Blew Up A Hospital. Nolan Then Wrote That Scene Into The Movie So The Police Wouldn’t Investigate Further

Image credits: Lasagna-noodles

#92 Throughout The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America Wears A Red, White And Blue Suit. This Shows That The Designers Of The Suits Are Idiots, As These Are The Colours Of The British Flag.

Image credits: dildodicks

#93 In Avengers Endgame: Ant Man Says That The Five Hours He Spent In The Quantum Realm Equated To Five Years In The Real World. This Is Subtle Reference To The Fact That Over The Last Five Years Paul Rudd Has Aged Five Hours.

Image credits: disablednerd

#94 The Only Two White Actors In Black Panther Are Martin Freeman, Who Played Bilbo Baggins, And Andy Serkis Who Played Gollum. They’re The Tolkien White Guys.

Image credits: RayInRed

#95 In Spiderman (2002), Despite Popular Thinking, Peter Parker Is Not Spiderman, Because His Head Is Too Fuc**ing Big.

Image credits: milo1711

#96 In The Film The Neverending Story (1984), If You Watch Closely At Around 1h45m You Can See That It Does Actually End.

Image credits: sekearney95

#97 During The Filming Of Attack Of The Clones, Natalie Portman And Hayden Christensen, In Their Scenes Together, Played A Prank On George Lucas By Pretending They Had Never Acted Before. Lucas Loved The Prank So Much, He Ended Up Using Most Of The Footage In The Final Cut.

Image credits: genetics74

#98 In Birds Of Prey (2020) Thanos Shows Up And Kills Half The Universe. No-One Can Prove Me Wrong Because No-One Saw This Movie.

Image credits: tridea2514

#99 In Monsters, Inc. (2001), Monsters Come Out Of Doors Instead Of Closets Because They Are Not Gay.

Image credits: skyfall91404

#100 When Terrence Howard Left, Marvel Wanted Robert Downey Jr. To Take Over The James Rhodes Role Based On His Performance In Tropic Thunder (2008). However, He Was Already Playing As Iron Man.

Image credits: skyfall91404

#101 In John Wick 2 (2017) John Wick Never Gets Shot, Because In Real Life Keanu Reeves Can Dodge Bullets, As Evidenced By His Earlier Film, The Matrix (1999)

Image credits: DungeonsAndDradis

#102 In Toy Story 3 (2010), Mr.potato Turns Himself Into A Pickle For A Brief Period Of Time, Which Is In Fact The Funniest Sh*t I’d Ever Seen.

Image credits: coffee_brownind

#103 The Phrase ‘Far From Home’ In The Movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), Is A Reference To The Fact That I Had To Drive 18 Mins To Get To The Nearest Theater Which Is The Furthest Away I’ve Been From My House In Nearly Five Years. I Don’t Get Out Much

Image credits: MAX7hd

#104 In The Dark Knight (2008), Harvey Dent Makes Decisions Based On A Coin Flip, “Making His Own Luck.” What Most Don’t Realize Is That The Directors Of This Movie Had Already Determined The Result Each Time And The Coin Flip Wasn’t Up To Chance.

Image credits: gummygummybear

#105 In This Shot From The Call Of The Wild (2020) They Needed Harrison Ford Looking Dismayed, So They Showed Him Some Footage Of How Shi*ty The Dog Animation Was Going To End Up Looking.

Image credits: Septemberk

#106 In Order For X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) To Receive A Pg-13 Rating, 20th Century Fox Sewed Deadpool’s Mouth Shut.

Image credits: skyfall91404

#107 Avengers: Endgame Took Away One Widow To Give Us Another

Image credits: abigailmcintrye

#108 In Frozen (2013) You Can See A Clear Example Of Anna Trying To Coax Elsa Out Of Quarantine. But Elsa Understands The Importance Of Staying In. Be Like Elsa.

Image credits: Ghost070607

#109 In Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker (2019) I Didn’t Understand Why Palpatine Was Back, Not Because I Went To The Bathroom But Because The Movie Never Explains It.

Image credits: laserman500

#110 In Blade Runner (1982), The 20th Of November 2019 Is Shown To Be A Particularly Rainy Day. This Is Subtle Foreshadowing Of The Fact That It Really Did Rain On The 20th Of November 2019.

Image credits: SciFi_Pie

#111 In Contagion (2011), Gwyneth Paltrow Plays A Woman Who Dies After Trying Several Goop Products

Image credits: random_guy_somewhere

#112 While Filming The Hobbit (2012), Actor Martin Freeman Wore 4 Inch Heels To Reach The Height Of A Hobbit.

Image credits: sharp4th

#113 Spider-Man’s Costume Is Red And Blue, Because Peter Parker Has No Idea What Color Spiders Are.

Image credits: random_guy_somewhere

#114 In Avengers: Endgame, Tony Stark Was Able To Perfectly Flick Ant-Man Into The Tesseract Case Because He Had Been Practicing By Playing Paper Football With Nebula On The Benatar

Image credits: CaptParzival

#115 In Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) Luke Decided To Force Project Himself To The Battle Of Crait Because At The Time He Was Practicing Social Distancing, Not Wanting To Catch The Coronavirus.

Image credits: Mad_Rascal

#116 American History X (1998) Is The Only Movie Where They Don’t Remove Ed Norton’s Swatstica Tattoo.

Image credits: MorbidBoltThrower

#117 In Harry Potter And The Philosophaurus’s Stones, We See That Harry Gets An Owl Named Hedwig Despite Having The Ability To Literally Talk To Snakes. This Is Due To The Fact That He Is A Stupid Idiot.

Image credits: ItsLeviosaaaaahhhhhh

#118 In Shazam, Superman Only Appears From The Neck Down As There Wasn’t Enough Money In The Budget To Digitally Remove His Mustache

Image credits: random_guy_somewhere

#119 In Skyfall (2012), Silva Wears A Police Outfit When Trying To Kill M. This Is To Ensure He Does Not Get Arrested For Murder.

Image credits: Nobody722

#120 At The End Of Despicable Me (2010), Vector Starts Dancing To Music That He Can’t Hear. This Was The Animator’s Way Of Depicting The Symptoms Of Hypoxia After The Studio Decided That Animating Vector Fucking Dying From Suffocation Was Too Dark For A Children’s Movie.

Image credits: themynameisjeffboy

#121 For The Film Interstellar To Show The Character Murphy Cooper In Different Ages, Director Christopher Nolan Instead Of Using De-Aging Or Prosthetics, Used A Method Called Hiring Different Actors.

Image credits: Kunt_with_K

#122 In Titanic (1996), Leonardo Dicaprio Drowns Himself After Realizing He Slept With A Woman The Same Age As Him.

Image credits: random_guy_somewhere

#123 In My Girl (1991), A Distraught Vada Stands Over Her Friend And Yells “Where Are His Glasses? He Can’t See Without His Glasses!”. However, He Can’t See Because He’s Dead.

Image credits: rcc12697

#124 In San Andreas, Dwayne Johnson Survives Using Nothing But His Muscles And Charm. Or Maybe This Is From Skyscraper? Could Be Hobbes & Shaw? Not Really Sure To Be Honest.

Image credits: random_guy_somewhere

#125 In The Poster For Pete’s Dragon (2016), Young Pete Is Seen Whimsically Resting In His Dragon’s Tail. This Means He Is Whimsically Staring Directly At His Dragon’s Butthole.

Image credits: badlydrunkboy

#126 There Were Many Whacky Errors Caught On Camera In The 2016 Film ‘Suicide Squad’ That Were Never Caught And Corrected In Post Production. For Example, If You Closely Examine Certain Frames You Will Notice That Someone Accidentally Cast Jared Leto To Play The Joker.

Image credits: LippyFoxBox

#127 In The Award-Winning Motion Picture Jojo Rabbit (2019), Taiki Waititi Portrayed Adolf Hitler. This Is Because The Actual Adolf Hitler Was Unavailable At The Time.

Image credits: OldTopleaf

#128 In Transformers (2007), The Main Conflict Revolves Around Gaining The Location Of The Allspark, Which Is In Sam’s Glasses. The Decepticons Could Not Simply Buy The Glasses On Ebay Because They Are Robots And Could Not Pass The Captcha.

Image credits: Razzle_Dazzle08

#129 In 13 Reasons Why Season 4 There Is No Refrence To The Coronavirus, Even Though It’s Placed In 2020. This Is A Refrence To The Show Making Absolutely No Sense At All.

Image credits: erkhel

#130 In Breaking Bad, The Protagonist Walter White Used To Be Walter Grey Until He Fought The Balrog And Was Reborn.

Image credits: RayInRed

#131 Joker (2019) Contains Many Subtle Nods To Jared Leto’s Performance In The Role Prior To Joaquin Phoenix.

Image credits: Thumbs0fDestiny

#132 In Dinosaur (2000), All Of The Dinosaurs Shown Are Created By Cgi. This Is Due The The Fact That Dinosaurs Have Been Mostly Extinct Since At Least The Early 1980s.

Image credits: Roderie94

#133 In Akira (1988), The Summer Olympics Are Said To Take Place In Tokyo In 2020. However It Is A Mistake On The Director’s Part Because The Olympics Were Delayed To 2021 Due To A Certain Viral Outbreak.

Image credits: Lagaash

#134 Despite What The Title Would Have You Believe, Ford vs. Ferrari (2019) Is Not A Movie About Harrison Ford Fighting A Sentient Sports Car

Image credits: DapperDawn

#135 Not Everyone Know This, But Charlie Sheen Been Playing Drug Addict Garth Volbeck Since 1986, When “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” First Came Out, To This Very Day. Staying In Role More Then 30 Years, Amazing.

Image credits: Hey_Jonny_Park

#136 In Captain America: Civil War, A Fed Ex Deliverer Asks If A Tony Stank Lives There. James Rhodes Points To Tony Stark, Lies And Says He Is Tony Stank, Thus Both Committing Mail Fraud.

Image credits: Grootfan85

#137 In ‘The Force Awakens’ Rey Has Access To Many Force Powers Because She Had Already Completed The Game Once And Now Is Replaying The Campaign With All Of The Skills From Her Previous Walkthrough

Image credits: Malachi108

#138 When With Tony, The Shirt Peter Wears In Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Is The Same As The One Pepper Wears In Iron Man 3 (2013), A Subtle Nod To The Fact That The Shirt Belongs To Tony And That He Regularly Sleeps With Both Of Them.

Image credits: 123batman456

#139 The Final Level Of Black Panther (2018) Requires No Inputs From The Player. This Is Because It Is Actually A Movie, Not A Videogame, Despite The Visuals Suggesting Otherwise.

Image credits: Wario64I

#140 Actor Finn Wolfhard Was Not Considered For A Role In The 1990 Screen Adaptation Of Stephen Kings “It” Due This His Being Born In 2002 And The Constraints Imposed By A Linear Understanding Of Time.

Image credits: SleepyGary5

#141 In 22 Jumpstreet (2014), The Famous Line “My Name Is Jeff” Was Completely Off Script, As Channing Tatum Was Actually Replying To A Member Of The Crew Who Asked Him To Do An Impression Of The American Financier And Convicted Sex Offender Who Did Not Kill Himself In Prison.

Image credits: August746

#142 In Return Of The Jedi, Luke Skywalker Does Not Turn To The Dark Side. This Is Because Palpatine Forgot To Tell Him The Tragedy Of Darth Plagueis The Wise

Image credits: Likestuff12

#143 In Wall-E (2008) The Captain Is Physically Incapable Of Wearing The Original Uniform And Just Buttons The Top Button Around His Neck. This Represents R/Moviedetails Incapability Of Understanding The Difference Between A Movie Detail And Really Basic Character Design

Image credits: cuevacuev

#144 Despite Being Unwilling To Sacrifice Vision In Infinity War (2018) To Save The Universe, Captain America Sacrifices The Lives Of Hundreds Of Wakandians To Keep Vision Alive. This Is Subtle Nod To The Fact Cap Is Actually From 1930s America Viewing The Lives Of Black People As Worthless.

Image credits: Goulielmos

#145 In Aquaman (2018) Meera Says “You’re Getting Close To Getting Punched In The Face” Now This Is A Reference To Her Relationship With Her Ex-Husband Johnny Depp

Image credits: toothboothkazoon

#146 To Prepare For His Role In The Irishman (2019), Robert De Niro Spent 76 Years Applying His Old-Age Makeup.

Image credits: ToHellWithFacebook

#147 Despite Being Advertised As A Full-Length Movie, Martin Scorsese’s Gangs Of New York (2002) Was Actually A Short Film Only Eight Minutes Long. This Is Because My Ex Decided She Was Too Tired To Finish The Movie And Made Me Turn It Off After Less Than Ten Minutes. Sarah You Bi**h.

Image credits: ZnSaucier

#148 In Joker (2019), Murray Tells Arthur “No Cursing” Before Bringing Him Out. However, Arthur Later Says “You Get What You Fu**ing Deserve” On The Show. This Is A Possible Scriptwriting Oversight.

Image credits: GeorgGrech

#149 In Star Wars: Episode Iv: A New Hope (1977) Luke, Han And Leia Are Trapped In Garbage That Will Eventually Kill Them All. This Is Foreshadowing Of How Garbage The Sequel Trilogy Is.

Image credits: CharlieTheStrawman

#150 The Scene In First X-Men (2000) When Wolverine Sees His Reflection Over Other X-Men Uniforms Foreshadows The Franchise’s Future Over-Reliance On The Character.

Image credits: MajorCviklje

#151 In Zootopia (2016), In The Laboratory Of Blue Chemicals, Two Characters Are Referenced As ‘Woolter’ And ‘Jesse’. I Have A Grandson Named Jesse

Image credits: StuartRomano114

#152 In The Movie Venom(2018). Every Time Venom Appears It’s Cgi. This Is Because The Symbiote Was Fired After Finding Homophobic Tweets From 2009 On His Page.

Image credits: geystalin123

#153 Christopher Nolan Famously Hates Cgi. To Achieve The Look Of Paris Flipping Upside Down In Inception (2010), He Called Upon The Powers Of The Eldritch Gods To Actually Fold The City In Half.

Image credits:

#154 In Toy Story, Due To Budgetary Constraints, The Animators Had To Reuse The Character Model For Buzz Lightyear For Another Character; Mrs. Nesbitt. They Hid They’re Subtle Trickery With A Hat An Apron, But If You Look Closely You Can See She Is Missing The Same Arm Buzz Lost Earlier On.

Image credits: NickE85

#155 In Iron Man 2, Tony Stark Never Recognizes That His Best Friend Looks Completely Different Than Before, Proving That Unfortunately He Is Racist And Thinks All Black People Look Alike

Image credits: random_guy_somewhere

#156 In The Cult Classic Avengers: Endgame (2019), Thanos Hacks Into Nebula’s Brain And Sees The Avengers’ Plan. This Is A Reference To The Fact That Nebula Doesn’t Use Expressvpn Which Would’ve Resulted In The Movie Ending In The First 30 Mins And Also Happens To Be Today’s Sponsor

Image credits: Kart00z

#157 During The Movie Contagion(2011), Gwyneth Paltrow’s Character Dies And An Autopsy Is Performed. During The Autopsy, You Can Clearly See Her Brain, Which Is Impossible, As Nobody With A Brain Sells A Vagina-Scented Candle.

Image credits: grtrevor

#158 In Pulp Fiction (1994) Tarantino Wrote Himself Into The Script So He Could Use The N-Word Pass Samuel L Jackson Gave Him To Its Full Extent

Image credits: milesthewaffleiron

#159 In Dora And The Lost City Of Gold (2019) One Of The Students Holds Her Umbrella By The Tip Of Its Handle, This Represents That Even Though Dora Had Left The Jungle She Was Still Surrounded By Sick Twisted Animals.

Image credits: blaziner

#160 When Obi-Wan Says He Has The High Ground, It’s Actually Subtle Clever Double Speak Meaning He Has The “Moral High Ground”. This Is Because Obi-Wan Didn’t Stab Up A Room Full Of Children.

Image credits: AlicijaBelle

#161 In The Lion King (2019), If You Look Closely You Can Notice The Dust Cloud Spell Out “Sex” In The Sky.

Image credits: RayInRed

#162 In The Famous 90s Classic, Home Alone, Kevin’s Parents Are Extremely Concerned When They Find Out They’ve Left Him Alone. This Is Because They Fear He Will Discover Masturbation And No Christian Son Of Mine Will Ever Do That No Sir.

Image credits: thechanchanman111

#163 In “Die Hard” (1988), Sgt. Al Powell Is A Police Officer Who Feels Bad About Shooting An Unarmed Child, This Is A Reference To The Movie Being Fiction.

Image credits: kneeco28

#164 In Jeremiah Johnson (1975), Robert Redord’s Character Gently Moves His Head Up And Down. This Is A Subtle Nod

Image credits: Jonhinchliffe10

#165 In The Little Mermaid (1991), Ariel Meets An African Mermaid From The Ivory Coast. This Is Because Mermaids Are Fictional And Can Be Black.

Image credits: PeterPorky

#166 In Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017), The Character Elton John Is Played By Elton John. Taron Egerton (Who Plays Elton John In Real Life) Was Unavailable For The Role, As He Was Already In The Film As Eggsy.

Image credits: WorkThatFunction

#167 Despite Its Name, Portrait Of A Lady On Fire (2019) Is Shot Almost Entirely In Landscape Mode.

Image credits: mindblower2theMAX

#168 In Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003), When The Bride Is In A Coma, Her Heart Rate Is Recorded To Be 69. Nice.

Image credits: falafel_kraken

#169 In Beauty And The Beast(1991) After Chip Is Turned Back Into A Real Boy He Asks His Mother “Do I Still Have To Sleep In The Cupboard?” Mrs Potts Doesn’t Answer, But Simply Laughs Because Yes, Chip Still Has To Sleep In The Cupboard.

Image credits: iamveryDerp

#170 In The Movie 8 Mile (2002), No Character Is Ever Seen Using A Bathroom. This Is Because You Can’t Have Shit In Detroit.

Image credits: Butcher_o_Blaviken


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