Supportive Husband Writes Post About His Hardworking Nurse Wife When He Snaps A Pic Of Her Sleeping Exhausted In Her Scrubs

True love can be measured in actions, not just words. And the support that you give your spouse as they chase their life’s greatest passion is worth its weight in gold. One husband who is an example to us all is Cole George who loves his wife Ashley unconditionally. And here’s how.

She works endless shifts as a nurse and while she takes care of her patients, he takes care of her emotional wellbeing, the house, and their 4 kids. When Cole shared the story on his Facebook page, the support from the online community was enormous and many felt that they could relate to Ashley’s life.

Meet Ashley. She works as a nurse

Image credits: Cole George

We know how tough it is being a nurse, doctor, or other healthcare professional. To see that exhaustion on the job is not an isolated issue, have a read through Bored Panda’s earlier article about how a sister revealed the gritty details of her twin’s life as a nurse.

While Ashley works herself to the point of exhaustion, her husband Cole supports her every way that he can

Image credits: Cole George

According to Cole, while his wife is at work, he makes sure that the house is clean and that all the chores are done. He feeds their kids and helps them with their homework so that Ashley can focus on her vocation with everything that she has. What’s more, he even prepares food for Ashley to take to work. Right there. That’s real love right there.

Cole also understands the importance of quiet emotional support: he listens to his partner and lets her vent. He even tolerates her wearing ‘the worst’ socks that he’s promised to burn in a ritualistic way.

The couple support each other unconditionally and make a great team

Image credits: Cole George

Exhaustion from overwork is by far the biggest challenge that healthcare professionals face. Unfortunately, it is far from the only problem. For instance, not many people think about it, but nurses face actual threats to their health and safety at work. From pathogens and potential injuries from needles to bullying, harassment, actual physical violence from patients.

Nurses would love to spend more time taking care of their patients, but lots of them lose hours and hours on end when filling out paperwork and entering data into electronic health records. In other words, time that could be spent nursing people is instead spent on bureaucracy. Which is necessary but eats up huge chunks of time.

Some people closely related to Cole’s story about Ashley’s vocation


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