Surprising Things I Learned in 2020

In researching what to cover for Core77, one encounters all manner of strange stories. Here are some of the more unusual ones I came across in 2020.

Things I Didn’t Know Were a Thing

Automatic Hand Washing Machines are a Thing

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Spending $1,000+ On Used Airplane Bar Carts is a Thing

Motorcycle Hearses are a Thing

Extra Wide Office Chairs are Now a Thing (in America)

Drinking Mugs Designed to Protect Moustaches Were Once a Thing

Japanese Musical “Telephone Rests” Were Once a Thing

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Can Anything Go Right This Year?

3D Printers are Bad for Your Health

Pollution from Tire Wear is 1,000 Times Worse than Exhaust Emissions

Bioplastics are Just as Toxic as Conventional Plastics

Eco-Friendly Car Wiring Attracts Rats


The Parts of the Cruise Ship You Don’t Get to See: What Do the Crew Quarters Look Like?

The Chinese Military is Great at Building Pontoon Bridges

The Design of Japanese Butter Tableware is Very Unusual

Which Brands Own Which Power Tool Companies?

Pharma Reps Used to Bribe Doctors With Weird Desktop Swag

In the 1500s They Made Custom-Fit Packages for Carrying Treasure

These Japanese Tapestry Artisans File Their Fingernails Into Thread-Channeling Tools

In a “Flying Wing” Airplane, Would Passengers Sit Facing Forwards, or at an Angle?

Goldbacks are a Newly-Launched Currency With Actual Gold in the Bills

The Challenge of Designing a Bear-Proof Mechanism is the Overlap Between Smart Bears and Dumb Humans

A Modelmaking Shop Helped Navy SEALs Capture and Kill Osama Bin Laden

Honeybees Work Together to Create a Crazy Visual Effect as a Defense Mechanism

Here’s last year’s version of this list.

Source: core77

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