Surprisingly Rare Body Features That Only Very Few People Have (130 New Pics)

Embracing yourself and coming to terms with your appearance can take years. But some people are born with genes that make them stand out even more than us regular folks. Because of this, getting through the day can be a lot harder. That’s why it’s so awesome to see those who aren’t hiding and are confident in their skin.

So we at Bored Panda decided to expand on our earlier publications (this one and this one) and compile a new list of pictures posted by folks with unusual and rare body features. Like pear-shaped pupils. Or abnormally long arms. Despite the challenges these people face, they choose to live their lives with a positive attitude. And that’s something to be celebrated.

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#1 A Girl With Both Albinism And Heterochromia

Image credits: aminaarsakova

#2 Mother And Child With Poliosis

Image credits: fatima.theo.gomes

#3 I Traced Around My Vitiligo Spots

Image credits: oldmate-58

#4 My Wife’s Eye That Her Doctor Told Her Was The Weirdest He’d Ever Seen

Image credits: AlwaysSpinClockwise

#5 This Little Girl’s Big, Beautiful Eyes Are Due To A Rare Genetic Syndrome Called Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome

Image credits: callmevirgomami

#6 I Have Vitiligo And Heterochromia

Image credits: brysizzlle

#7 I Had No Fingernails All My Life

Image credits: tecnikstr0be

#8 I Have A Birthmark In My Eye

Image credits: JustSavi

#9 My Dad Has Something Called A Bifid Thumb Or Pre-Axial Polydactyly. About 1 Out Every 1000 Babies Have It. This Was The Thumb Of Our Uber Delivery Guy

Image credits: n-chung

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#10 I Was Born With A Hole At The Top Of My Ear That Used To “Cry” When I Cried As A Baby

Image credits: l_bb0

#11 I Have A Pear-Shaped Pupil

Image credits: GoblinQueen93

#12 I Have This Thing Called Raynaud’s Disease. This Happens Every Time I Get Cold

Image credits: Cyndakon2

#13 Unique Birthmark

Image credits: carolgiraldelli

#14 I Have Abnormally Long Arms

Image credits: Sonia13m

#15 She Has Symmetrical Heterochromia In Both Eyes

Image credits: Yachisaorick

#16 Hypertrichosis. Jesus Was Born With A Rare Genetic Mutation Called Hypertrichosis, Which Has Left Him With Excessive Hair Growth That Can Occur Anywhere On The Body

Image credits: borndifferentshow

#17 Stef Sanjati Was Born With A Rare Condition Called Waardenburg Syndrome. It Is A Genetic Mutation Which Gives The Individual Wide-Set Eyes

Image credits: stef.sanjati

#18 My Hands After Washing The Dishes For 20 Minutes

Image credits: TheProjectAlexander

#19 Vitiligo Is A Disease That Causes Loss Of Skin Color In Patches

Image credits: thatvitiligoguy

#20 My Name Is Sara I Have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Classical And Dermatosparaxis)

EDS is a connective tissue disorder that inhibits the body’s ability to produce collagen As a consequence, Geurts has skin that wrinkles prematurely and makes her look older than she is. 

Image credits: sarageurts

#21 I Have Muscle Hypertrophy (Muscles Grow Big Without Exercise). I Got Botox In My Jaw Yesterday Because Of This

Image credits: South_Pea_8017

#22 A Photo A Friend Took A While Back Of My Eyes Which Shows My Rare Eye Condition, Double Coloboma (Of The Iris And Retina). I Have This In Both Eyes

Image credits: Red_Wolfe_

#23 My Girlfriend’s Birthmark In Her Eye

Image credits: RobienStPierre

#24 Fell Asleep On A Chair. I Apparently Have Remarkably Level Shoulders

Image credits: frysinatoren

#25 This Toe, With It’s Own Toe, Complete With It’s Own Nail

Image credits: vainamoinens-scythe

#26 I Was Born With Naturally Pointed Ears

Image credits: 420MangoBonersXL

#27 Neonatal Progeria Or Hutchinson-Gilford Syndrome. A Progressive Genetic Disorder That Causes Children To Age Rapidly, Starting In Their First Two Years Of Life

Image credits: eline_leonie_

#28 Sectoral Heterochromia. People Always Comment On My Eyes, So I Thought I Should Post A Picture

Image credits: M_for_Minion

#29 There’s A Patch On My Leg That Doesn’t Get Goosebumps

Image credits: mcrfreak78

#30 Swirly Outie Belly Button

Image credits: SwirlyDude

#31 I Have A Skin Condition Called Dermatographia Due To Which Lightly Scratching My Skin Causes Raised, Red Lines Where I’ve Scratched

Image credits: Professional_Pen_330

#32 This 2-Inch Gray Hair Protruding From My Forehead

Image credits: w11

#33 There’s A Tooth In My Chin

Image credits: super9mega

#34 My Friend’s Genetic Tongue Condition

Image credits: 9cames03

#35 I Have A Genetic Carpenter’s Thumb That Allows My Thumb To Bend Backwards As Well As Forwards

Image credits: jesseberdinka

#36 My Little Sister Was Born With Six Fingers

Image credits: CaramelManlikesPATD

#37 Congenital Melanocytic Nevus Is Visible Pigmented Spots On The Skin Present At Birth. They Usually Are Brown, Tan, Pink, Or Black. Some Moles Produce Dark, Coarse Hair

Image credits: _jirehjoy_

#38 Shilah Madison Was Born With A Condition Because Of Which Her Hair Constantly Stands Up

The “Uncomfortable hair syndrome” is quite painful and the hair often breaks off from the roots, explains her mother.

Image credits: shilahmadison

#39 Here’s A Picture Of The Hand I Was Born With

Image credits: Numerous-Parfait-170

#40 Two Cowlicks In Different Directions

Image credits: spar13

#41 Bam Syndrome Is A Rare Genetic Disorder In Which Children Are Born With A Small Nose Or No Nose At All. Also, They May Have Problems With Vision And Their Eyes

Image credits: todospormariajoana

#42 Heterochromia

Image credits:

#43 My Knuckles Of My Ring Fingers Are Unnaturally Large

Image credits: TheBloxdude

#44 Interesting Iris Pattern (It Doesn’t Affect Vision)

Image credits: Frostysorbet

#45 Where’s My White Lash Enjoyers At? Just Wanted To Remind Everyone We Are Beautiful Because/Despite Our Vitiligo

Image credits: deeno777

#46 Twin Girls Have Achondroplasia. This Genetic Disorder Is Characterized By A Large Head, Short Arms And Legs, Short Stature, Prominent Forehead, And Flat Nasal Bridge

Image credits: luggtwins

#47 I Have Full Heterochromia

Image credits: Marcie7

#48 I Have A Freckle On My Eye

Image credits: DankNoodles21

#49 I Have Skeeter Syndrome (Allergic To Mosquito Salvia)

Image credits: sphynxlover1

#50 I Have Somewhat Long Thumbs

Image credits: LillyWhiteArt

#51 For A Cis Woman I Have Exceedingly Strong Sideburns

Image credits: reknae

#52 I Have An Extra Tooth On The Roof Of My Mouth

Image credits: Ima_Dimma_Do_Ya_Mam

#53 I Have Central Heterochromia And Exaggerated Canines And Premolars

Image credits: WolraE

#54 I Have This Weird Gap Under My Tongue. I Didn’t Realize Not Many People Have This

Image credits: TittyMidget

#55 I Have Distichiasis. It Is A Rare Genetic Mutation That Causes Heart Problems, Sight Problems, And So On

Image credits: LibertasNeco

#56 My Husband And Both Our Kids Have These Shoulder Dimples

Image credits: AceManCometh

#57 My Girlfriend Has Persistent Pupillary Membrane

Image credits: cesmol

#58 My Son’s Pupils Are Way Off Center (Towards The Top Of His Irises) And Neither Of Them Are Round

Image credits: AdolfGomez

#59 Born With A Rare Congenital Disorder Called Otofocial Syndrome Chicago Resident Joseph Williams Does Not Have A Jaw

Image credits: RofRoc_

#60 Chimeras Are Organisms With Two Different Sets Of DNA. Human Chimerism Is Rare, But Its Characteristics Are: Two Distinct Red Blood Cell Lineages Or Skin Pigmentation

Image credits: taylormuhl

#61 Congenital Melanocytic Nevus. It Appears As A Circumscribed, Light Brown To Black Patch, Covering Any Size Surface Area And Any Part Of The Body

Image credits: libmolano

#62 Yes, I’m An Incredible Swimmer

Image credits: AnarchistsLineCook

#63 My Birthmark Becomes More Visible The Colder I Am

Image credits: SpookyJacooby

#64 Her Birthmark Created Awesome Highlights

Image credits: DIYKnowNothing

#65 This Happens To My Hands At Cold Temperatures

Image credits: Zealousideal_Talk479

#66 Both Of My Eyes Are Split Between Two Colors

Image credits: magivictus

#67 None Of My Fingers (Or Toes) Have Middle Knuckles, And It’s Hereditary

Image credits: Silence31603

#68 My Skin Raises Where I Trace My Finger Over It

Image credits: bulmeurt

#69 I Have A Witch Eye, And Another One With A Cornea Donated From A Deceased Person

Image credits: Guitarfoxx

#70 Was Born With Some Extra Skin On My Ear, So I Figured It Had To Be Done

Image credits: Dovetrail

#71 Doctor Told Me That My Raynaud’s Should Be In A Medical Textbook

Image credits: TwistyFriedMemes

#72 Macro Shot Of My Blue And Brown Eye

Image credits: HardcoreCorey

#73 Rare And Unique Genetic Condition Which Is Known As Waardenburg Syndrome. It Can Cause Hearing Loss And Changes In Coloring (Pigmentation) Of The Hair, Skin, And Eyes

Image credits: geo.rock888

#74 I Have Birthmark Inside My Eye

Image credits: razercancer

#75 My Left Eye Grows A Single, Fragile Grey Eyelash That Grows As Long As I Let It

Image credits: deityfreeme

#76 My Coworker Has 2 Melting Pupils

Image credits: FloridaBeachLife

#77 Found Out I Have Something Called “Nerve Rings” In My Eyes

Image credits: NationalState9563

#78 I Have Two Different Ears

Image credits: Sharp-Associate-9803

#79 I Have Complete And Sectoral Heterochromia, Along With A Lot Of Eye Freckles

Image credits: hghlvldvl

#80 I Have One Eyelash That Has Grown Extra Long And Is Only Brown Up To Where It Should Have Stopped Growing

Image credits: grimama

#81 A 2-Month-Old Baby Looks Like A 70-Year-Old Man

Experts say it is called Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome and it is a genetic condition characterized by the dramatic, rapid appearance of aging beginning in childhood.

Image credits: EngineerNGR

#82 I Have A Really Square Head

Image credits: jeusee

#83 My Right Hand Has A Single Crease, Which Goes From Left To Right Without Breaking

Image credits:

#84 Each Of My Hands Are Different Size, Shape And Color


#85 I Was Born Missing A Finger On My Right Hand, Left Hand Is Completely Normal

Image credits: fm369

#86 Actor Javier Botet Has Marfan Syndrome. Those With The Condition Tend To Be Tall And Thin, With Long Arms, Legs, Fingers, And Toes

Image credits: jbotet

#87 I Just Wanted To Showcase My Anisocoria. My Pupils Are Different Sizes And Switch Often

Image credits: Drewbarb

#88 I Have A Birthmark In My Eye’s Waterline

Image credits: fabulously-frizzy

#89 I Have A Rare Condition Called Hyperhidrosis, In Which I Sweat Profusely From My Hand And Feet. It Makes Doing Anything 10 Times Worse

Image credits: RookieMan36

#90 I Have A Vascular Issue Which Makes My Arms Turn Purple And Orange When Cold

Image credits: hockeyh2opolo

#91 I Have The Letter ‘N’ On My Left Hand And The Letter ‘M’ On My Right Hand

Image credits: castro94

#92 Only 2/3 Of My Left Eye Is Brown

Image credits: Nico_LaBras

#93 My Wife And Kids Have A Birthmark On The Same Spot On Their Index Knuckle

Image credits: Optimusgandalf

#94 A Little-Known Monstrosity That Many Of You Have: The Plica Fimbriata

Image credits: Brisco_County_III

#95 Hutchinson-Gilford Syndrome Causes Individuals To Age Faster Than Usual And Makes Them Appear Older Than They Actually Are

Image credits: kaylee_halko

#96 Pierre Robin Syndrome Is Characterized By An Underdeveloped Jaw, Backward Displacement Of The Tongue, And Upper Airway Obstruction

Image credits: jennifer.l.cummings

#97 I Had Identical Twin Girls, And One Ear On One Of The Baby Is An Elf Ear

Image credits: Glit_1995

#98 My Neckbeard Grows In A Spiral

Image credits: spitonme69

#99 Only A Certain Patch Of My Hair Went Grey

Image credits: subzero9101

#100 I Have An Autoimmune Disorder That Has Made My Natural Hair Color Change Three Times The Last Month

Image credits: col0rlesslife

#101 I Have Grey Eyes, I Had No Idea It Was So Rare Until Someone Mentioned It To Me

Image credits: Syidaemon

#102 I Have The Linburg-Comstock Variant In My Right Hand: I Can’t Flex My Thumb Without My Index Finger Flexing Too. About One In Five People Are Like Me

Image credits: HotConcrete

#103 My Son And I Have A Freckle On The Same Part Of Our Hands. Mine On The Left, His On The Right

Image credits: DubblM

#104 I Have A Birthmark In My Eye. It’s Called A Sectoral Heterochromia

Image credits: injaneinthemembrane

#105 I Have Two Different Color Eyelashes And Was Born With Strawberry Blonde Hair

Image credits: _honey_frog_

#106 My Right Pinky Finger Has Only One Crease

Image credits: weepingbanana

#107 My Ear Can Do This

Image credits: Waeningrobert

#108 Fibular Polydactylism On My Right Foot. A Fully Functioning Extra Toe That Looks “Normal” To The Naked Eye

Image credits: Thunderer1

#109 I Have Two Thumbs On My Left Hand. What Do You Have?

Image credits: _yogesh_

#110 Due To Genetics, My Last Pinky Joint Is Pointing Inwards. Doctor Said Either I Stay Like This With Pain, Or He Breaks My Bones And Hopes I Have A Little Feeling Left After Healing

Image credits: Amalio_mp4

#111 I Have An Uncommon Genetic Deformity Called Brachydactyly Type-D, Making The End Bone On Both Thumbs Short

Image credits: cookiezilla1

#112 My Two Very Different Thumbs

Image credits: farmerlife28

#113 I And Some Members Of My Family Have This Genetic Mutation Called Clinodactyly, Our Pinky Fingers Are Bent Inward

Image credits: marriedbutnotforgot

#114 My Boyfriend Has A Bifid Uvula

Image credits: TheRealCourtneyW

#115 I Was Born With 12 Fingers, Amputated At Birth

Image credits: BariNgozi

#116 I Was Born With One Toe Missing A Bone. I Have 9.5 Toes Total

Image credits: Thunderingthought

#117 Ichthyosis Vulgaris Is An Inherited Skin Disorder In Which Dead Skin Cells Accumulate In Thick, Dry Scales On Your Skin’s Surface

Image credits: harlequindiva

#118 My Partner’s Birthmark Behind His Head That Looks Like He’s Been Unplugged

Image credits: pororoe

#119 When I Met My Wife, We Didn’t Know At The Time But It Turns Out That We Have Similar Looking Birthmarks On Our Thighs

Image credits: BettyChao

#120 A Birthmark Developed Under The Skin On My Right Ring Finger Where The Nail Is Formed. It Permanently Colors The Nail And Leaves Brown Pinstripe The Width Of The Birthmark

Image credits: Franneboy

#121 My Right Hand’s Ring Finger Becomes Colorless And Numb When It’s Cold Outside. I’m Living In Icy Canada

Image credits: ChessNdarts

#122 The Pinkie On My Left Hand Has An Extra Fold

Image credits: Dragonrasa

#123 I Have A 6th Toenail On My Left Foot, Also Known As An Accessory Nail

Image credits: taykaybo

#124 I Have A Conjoined Toe

Image credits: Prestigious_Ad_4657

#125 I Have A Birthmark That Is Heart-Shaped On My Ring Finger

Image credits: JakeDaDerp

#126 I Have An Extra Crease On My Left Pinky

Image credits: adedas67

#127 I Was Born With Two Thumbs On My Right Hand. My Extra Thumb Was Surgically Removed When I Was An Infant. The Thumb Nail From The Extra One Now Grows Through My Thumb

Image credits: FeedItPain

#128 Just Found Out I Was Born With Unilateral Brachydactyly Type D. Here Are My Thumbs

Image credits: Woodchipper64

#129 My Husband’s Eyebrow Has One Strand Of Hair That Grew Just A Little Bit Too Long

Image credits: sidcrozz87

#130 I’ve Had A Brown Fingernail My Whole Life. I’ve Never Come Across Anyone Else With One, And Doctors Have No Idea What Causes It

Image credits: GreenCristina


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