Susan Sarandon's Library

Over the past year, we’ve developed a habit of judging people’s chosen backgrounds when they appear on TV from their homes. This is not limited to television, however. Susan Sarandon, who you may know from movies such as Thelma and Louise and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, posted a picture on Twitter featuring her cat. But what got everyone’s attention was the books stacked vertically with hats on top. How does she retrieve a book that’s not near the top? And how do they stay stacked with a cat in the house? My cats would’ve launched themselves at the hats at first sight, toppling the stacks. The replies came in, exhibiting a lot of anxiety among book lovers and cat lovers. At least one person offered to buy her a bookcase. How does this work? Continue reading to find out.  

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There you have it. It’s a specially-designed bookshelf that will keep the books looking stacked while allowing you to pull one out. And Sweetie is a cute cat.  -via Cracked

Source: neatorama

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