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If it’s possible, Canadian artist Susannah Montague, has taken Dutch vanitas to an entirely new and disturbing level! I’ve written about Susannah a few times already {plus, she’s one of the artists featured in my upcoming book}, so I happen to know that a lot of her work revolves around her twins and the struggle she faced trying to bring them into the world. Her detailed, meaning-packed work is stunning, but even more so in person… AND if you happen to live anywhere near Calgary Alberta you could see these bizarre, flower-covered delights this weekend! Her latest show, titled “Lucid Dreams” , opens this Saturday {March 16, from 2-4 pm} at Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art. Here is Susannah’s statement about the show:

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“… The inspiration comes from mysticism and esotericism which touches on daydreams and the fantastical elements that haunt our nights. Within the eerie beauty of these ceramic sculptures is an exploration of the intersection between dreams and reality – at the same time, fusing innocence and corruption in the flowers, dolls, lizards, toys and skulls that fervidly explode in these contemporary baroque compositions, asking us to revel in the beauty of the absurd.”

I have to share a story Susannah told me about the final piece above … “The piece with the gold halo is my daughter. She was born “unresponsive”. The necklace – with the arms- is from Mexican religious iconography which symbolizes “embrace and touch”, because after 36 hours of labour, I fought to keep my twins together, close with me and out of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit by doing “Kangaroo care”. The artichoke at the core has a heart, symbolizing love – and, throughout history, artichokes have represented hope, peace and a successful future.” I’m not crying, you’re crying. A beautiful story from a beautiful person {And, I’ve met her twins. They are creative, kind and amazing … just like their mama.}

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