Swedish Egg Coffee

Have you ever considered how people made coffee before coffee makers, or even percolators, were available? When I was rather young, an older co-worker told me about his railroad days, when the crew would make a large batch of coffee in an industrial boiler by throwing coffee grounds, water, and eggs into it. This was a common workaround for percolating and filtering, as seen even today in the Lutheran church that sells Swedish egg coffee at the Minnesota State Fair.

Even in the mayhem of the State Fair, those three words on Salem Lutheran’s marquee are enough to stop the uninitiated cold. Yes, egg coffee. Jim Zieba, who’s been brewing the stuff at Salem since the 1970s, explains:

“The egg is mashed into the grounds, and the grounds are boiled in, kind of like campfire coffee,” says Zieba. “The coffee being slightly acid and egg being alkaline, they cancel each other out, and you get a very mild clear cup of coffee. A lot of people, they just love it for some reason.”

Yes, eggshells are included. Get the instructions for making egg coffee, which is not necessarily Swedish, at the Takeout.

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Source: neatorama

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