Swiss Mile's Incredible Four-Legged/Wheeled Robot Can Do it All

This four-legged robot with wheels for feet makes Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot look positively primitive. Created by Swiss Mile, a spin-off from ETH Zurich’s Robotic Systems Lab, the robot can not only hit nearly 14 MPH, but it can also climb stairs (forwards or backwards, it’s all the same to this thing) and rear up on two legs for greater height:

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The applications, the developers reckon, are manifold:

“Swiss-Mile extends our research of the last five years by deploying a multimodal platform to tackle last-mile delivery challenges and logistics with superior speed, efficiency, versatility and payload capability.

“With both legs and wheels, our robot outperforms state-of-the-art wheeled delivery platforms as well as lightweight delivery drones.

“It is the only solution capable of carrying tools, materials, goods and sensors over long distances with energy efficiency and speed while overcoming challenging obstacles like steps and stairs and enabling seamless navigation in indoor and outdoor urban environments.”

Source: core77

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