SwitchBot: An Easily Retrofittable Automatic Curtain-Drawing System

SwitchBot, invented by a company of the same name, is a small droid that hangs from a curtain rod.

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Motorized wheels inside the hangers allow it to travel side-to-side along the rod.

With a pair of these connected to curtains, you essentially have a no-installation-required automatic curtain-drawing system.

Actually there is some installation required, but it looks to be a breeze:

It works with a variety of curtain types:

You can control the SwitchBot via the attached remote, or by using the company’s app, which also allows you to schedule opening and closing times.

The company says the batteries are good for up to eight months on a single charge—yet are strong enough to tug 17 pounds’ worth of curtains. And conveniently, the SwitchBot’s internal batteries can be charged by an optional solar panel that you attach to the window.

The devices are not cheap, at $160 for a single unit without the solar panel, or $237 for a pair and including the solar panel. But it’s surely cheaper than paying someone to come and install a more complicated system.

Source: core77

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