Switzerland's Border is Melting

National borders are artificial constructs that you can’t see from above. However, they are important to people who live in those countries, and are carefully surveyed by cartographers. They are marked with signs, survey markers, and sometimes fences. Many are also supervised by border guards and immigration officials. But when national borders are also natural features of the earth, like rivers, oceans, or mountain ridges, they can sometimes move. This brings us to the glacier that covers the peaks of the Alps. The border between Switzerland and Italy runs over the highest ridge of the Alps, and the glacier underneath is moving. This is cause for concern, as you can imagine. It’s a special concern for businesses, such as ski resorts, that can change nationality without moving at all. Vox tells us the history of the Swiss-Italian glacial border and what’s to become of it as climate change melts the glacier.

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Source: neatorama

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