T-rex Wears a Christmas Sweater

Is there anything sadder than a T-rex in a Christmas sweater? Look at those tiny little arms; he can’t take it off! But he doesn’t seem to mind. The Natural History Museum in London dressed their animatronic T-rex in a jumbo size Christmas sweater, custom made of all recycled materials, meaning previously-used yarn and plastic bottles. Because you know the dinosaur species cared about the environment as much as they cared about Christmas. It’s even got a turtleneck to keep him extra warm. Let’s take a look at how the museum staff managed to dress this thing.   

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The unique sweater design features four dinosaurs in festive green: T-rex, triceratops, stegosaurus, and diplodocus, walking among Christmas trees and snowflakes. You can buy the sweater from the museum’s gift shop. Proceeds go to support the museum. They only have human sizes, however, so you’ll have to knit one yourself to keep your own T-rex warm this winter.

Source: neatorama

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