Tabasco Sauce Served at the Last Supper

St. Joseph Catholic Church in Parks, Louisiana, has a painting of the Last Supper. It is not the da Vinci version, but an original that shows Jesus with four of his disciples. When Reverend Nicholas DuPré arrived at the parish in 2019, people told him there were rumors of a bottle of Tabasco sauce on the table in the painting! But he didn’t think much about it until the folks at the McIlhenny Company, which produces Tabasco sauce, contacted him to ask if the rumor was true. DuPré did his due diligence, and carried a 12-foot ladder into the church and climbed up to check. Yes, right there on the table was a distinctive tiny Tabasco bottle!

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For his efforts, DuPré was rewarded with an extra-large commemorative bottle of Tabasco sauce from the McIlhenny Company. He is thinking of displaying it in the church’s vestibule.

An article at USA Today goes on to tell us the history of the painting, in which the artist was asked to “make it unique” to the area. In case you’re wondering, yes, Tabasco sauce is kosher for Passover. -via Strange Company

(Images credit: Nicholas DuPré)

Source: neatorama

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