Tai Chi Benefits Older People With Dementia, Study Finds

A research from Bournemouth University has found that Tai Chi has positive health benefits to older people with dementia.

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The TACIT Trial looked at the benefits that Tai Chi can bring for people with dementia, specifically looking at whether Tai Chi could prevent falls and improve quality of live.

The study was led by Dr. Samuel Nyman, a Principal Academic at Bournemouth University, who states that they were really interested to see if Tai Chi can improve balance and prevent falls among people with dementia, as they are twice as likely to fall, and twice as likely to have injuries from the falls.

The research took a control group, who carried out normal activities, and measured them alongside a group of a similar make up who all undertook a six month Tai Chi programme.

The research, published in Clinical Interventions in Aging found that those who had followed a programme of Tai Chi maintained a good quality of life, whereas those in the control group had a decline in life quality over the same period.

More details about this study over at Neuroscience News.

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