Taiwan Encourages Its Citizens To (Panic) Buy

Taiwan Premier Su Tseng and the Taiwan government is taking a very different approach in how it advises its citizens. Instead of punishing its people for fear based impulse purchases, it is encouraging them to buy as much as their panicked heart desires.

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Writing on his Facebook page late on Thursday (March 19) in a post entitled “Buy as much as possible, there’s plenty of goods”, Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang said it was the ideal opportunity to buy more Taiwanese products in a boon for the economy.

“Taiwan is a kingdom of fruits, a kingdom of fisheries, and a big food-processing country. During the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic, as the economy was slowing down, of course the government encourages everyone to enthusiastically buy,” he wrote.

Is Mr. Su attempting to use a little reverse psychology on his people? <wink> <wink> Maybe!


Via – Straits Times

Source: neatorama

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