Take 5: A Wavy Light, Smoothie Hack, Stylish Storage Crates + More

Take 5: A Wavy Light, Smoothie Hack, Stylish Storage Crates + More

porter bag

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1. 36 oz Stand-Up Porter Bag by W&P

I’ve been on a major morning smoothie kick as of late (my love affair with my Beast Blender is still going strong!), and in an effort to save time, I’ve been using these reusable silicone bags by W&P to prep my smoothies the night before. The bag’s roomy, flat-bottomed design is perfect for loading with heaps of frozen fruit and veggies and effortlessly fits into my sometimes-crowded freezer. Plus, I love knowing I’m saving a disposable plastic bag from the landfill every time I use it! And when I’m done, I just chuck it in my dishwasher – such an easy sustainable swap!
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kronos cup

2. KRONOS Double Wall Coffee Cup by KINTO

Some people collect coins, vinyl, or figurines – I collect mugs and glassware. This glass coffee cup by KINTO has a double-walled design and an ergonomic outer ring – giving it a modern, Saturn-reminiscent look that’s fun to use and a joy to see on my table. But what I almost love more than its sci-fi aesthetic is the fact that the insulated design retains the temperature of drinks really well without overheating in my hands or leaving wet spots on my table.
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hay color crates

3. Color Crates by HAY

I’ve been obsessed with these colorful HAY crates lately. Admittedly, the form of the crate itself is nothing groundbreaking – they have a very functional, utilitarian fold-up design – but the bulk of their appeal is all about the color. From a pastel lime green and soft pink to earthy terracotta and muted blues, there are plenty of modern colorways to pick from. They come in different sizes too, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a use for them in every corner of your house. I love the pop of color they bring to a room, and the fact that they’re stackable makes them must-haves for easy storage and organization.
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wooj wavy lamp

4. The Wavy Lamp by Wooj Design

Much like anything with a gradient, wavy objects have a special kind of hold on me. So the Wavy Lamp by Wooj Design was an instant add-to-cart. The 3D printed, jellyfish inspired shape is totally unique, and has a modern, sculptural look that’s fun and whimsical at its core. I keep mine on my desk, and its soft ambient glow beautifully brightens my workspace without being too severe or overpowering like other desk lamps I’ve had. If you want to create a warm, comforting atmosphere and add a curvy, whimsical touch to your space – the Wavy Lamp is your guy!
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varick planter

5. Varick 20 Self Watering Pot by Greenery Unlimited

I’m proud to say that I’m now a reformed plant-killer, and it’s all thanks to the ingenious design of this self-watering plant pot by Greenery Unlimited. The planter’s elevated design houses the plant pot on top with a water reservoir on the bottom that allows roots to funnel through and drink water as needed – sparing my fern from a tragic death by over-watering, so it can live its best life. I love the contrast of the smooth white ceramic against the rest of my home decor, and the modern look of the angled top. This planter has reignited my plant confidence in style!
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