Take a Selfie with Salvador Dali

To mark the 30th anniversary of Salvador Dali’s death, the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, is presenting a thoroughly modern exhibit called Dali Lives. The draw is the opportunity to interact with the artist himself, besides him being, you know, deceased. It’s all thanks to artificial intelligence. Dali would be amused.

Dalí Lives is a series of screens throughout the museum that will be on display as a permanent exhibit. This digital Dalí was composited from over 6000 frames of the painter pulled from video and interviews. The museum then partnered with ad agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners of San Francisco (GS&P) — who used Deepfake artificial intelligence technology to train the algorithm for over 1000 hours to match and learn his facial expressions. The result, combined with an actor body and voice double, is 45 minutes of content and thousands of unique interactions. In your personal conversation with faux Dalí, he may comment about the weather, the latest news, or ask you to take a selfie with him. And then, as seen in the video below, he’ll text it to you.

The experience is available now. Get ready for countless social media profiles that include the artist.

Source: neatorama

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