Take a walk on the Wilden side

Based on herbs and ancient preparations, Wilden herbal teas are a new way of reconnecting with Nature

3 people, 3 years of study and research, 1 will:to revive the ritual and the quality of infusion.

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Wilden is a line of herbal teas and infusions made of ingredients selected with scientific rigor and blends with multiple and real benefits. It was born in December 2018 from an idea by a gastronome, Nicola Robecchi, a pharmacist, Tommaso Albonetti, and a photographer, Delfino Sisto Legnani.

The remedies are 5: Morning, Night, Boost, Digestive, Hangover.

We’ve tried all of them.

Morning comes from the meeting of cocoa, cinnamon and honeybush, which together with roiboos and ginkgo are perfect for starting the day. A warming flavor, the cuddle you need when it’s too early to get out of bed.

Night has calming and relaxing properties, thanks to chamomile, passionflower, lemon balm and mallow. The perfect remedy to have amazing dreams.

Boost has a lively taste and antioxidant and stimulating properties. It is a mix of ginger, pepper, orange, and lemongrass. An intense, spicy flavor that gives you an extra dose of energy.

Digestive is very fresh, thanks to mint, but also useful after a lunch because of ginger, lemon and licorice which are digestive and invigorating.

Hangover it’s the drink you cannot renounce, especially after a bad day, thanks to a mix of orange, turmeric and cardamom. The right one when… you know when!

The name is a neologism which refers to the idea of wild but also a tribute to Henry David Thoreau, who in the Nineteenth century choose to retire for a period in the woods as a revolutionary act.

Wilden is a celebration of wilderness and sustainability as key elements of a different lifestyle and of well-being.

An invitation to slowness and to a holistic approach to modernity, starting from ancient ingredients to be rediscovered: herbs.

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