Take the Food Disgust Test- But Not While You're Eating

Dr. Christina Hartmann, Ph.D. and Dr. Michael Siegrist, Ph.D. of the Technical University of Zurich developed the Food Disgust Scale to study what makes people shy away from certain foods. They’ve also launched the IDRlabs Food Disgust Sensitivity Test so that you can identify your own triggers for deciding what not to eat. In 32 questions, the test will measure your disgust on the eight parameters seen in the graphic above. These are my test results, which show my food disgust is in the average range at 45.38%. No surprises here. However, I don’t really find seafood disgusting as long as it’s someone else who eats it. I just don’t like fish or seafood. You can see I’ll eat fruit no matter how disgusting it is, but that may come from having to wait until it’s overripe because of dental problems. (TMI?)

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So the short test doesn’t control for some foods that you just don’t like, or just don’t eat because you’re vegetarian or follow religious restrictions. And I would agree that there should be some component of texture, since that’s a trigger for food disgust among a lot of people. Many of the questions could be answered with “It depends…” and while the desktop version has a slider for the degree of agreement, the mobile version requires a yes or no. But the test may give you an overall look at your own food disgust profile as compared to others. -via Metafilter

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