Takeshi Nishio's Minimal Pop-Up Furniture

When I spotted these T_Lex objects on Japanese industrial designer Takeshi Nishio’s website

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…I figured Ah, he’s come up with sawhorses you can make when you have plywood, but don’t have dimensional lumber. And they’re flatpack to boot, probably convenient in a small workshop.

However, it turns out they’re all meant to hold a top.

These are sold by retailer Copack as portable furniture and/or stools for pop-up events and exhibitions. The base units can be fitted with a variety of top sizes to suit the purpose.

The tops are held on with brackets, and the fasteners are thumbscrews, eliminating the need for tools.

The legs, also fastened with thumbscrews, are adjustable and allow you to set four different height levels.

Overall, a pretty efficient and economical use of materials.

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Source: core77

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