Tanja Widmann at FELIX GAUDLITZ

Artist: Tanja Widmann

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Exhibition Title: V

Date: May 9 – July 11, 2020

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Images courtesy of FELIX GAUDLITZ, Vienna

Press Release:


V by Tanja Widmann will be on view from Saturday, 9. 5. 2020.

V appears in two versions:

V (Gallery)
V (Online)

V (Gallery) will open to the public on Saturday, 9. 5. 2020 from 14:00 – 18:00. Please email [email protected] to request your preferred time slot.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

V (Gallery) will remain open until 11. 7. 2020 during regular gallery opening hours. For more information and additional material please contact the gallery.

is accompanied by a poem by Inka Meißner and by an artist’s book in an edition of 50 + 50, published by saxpublishers.

Produced by Johannes Porsch

Tanja Widmann (*1966 in Villach, Austria) lives and works in Vienna, Austria and Munich, Germany.


I know you are reading this
in the privacy of your new privacy
as yellowy tinted or as bluey
as it is the time of the day
as purply shaded in a corner
all over spotted grayishly as your device
as glistening as your nest
in which you’re nesting with your devices
I know you are reading this
while you still remember the airports
and what being close to an airplane
used to make with your head
while you still sense how in big international art shows
your boredom could make an impression
as fleeting as your initials
swallowed up by the sound of the crowd’s surf
but you cannot leave yet !

So look at my thrice-folded face
three times folded as in
three times peeled off and three times drawn on again
it’s new and I’m all of it
I am Die Unbekannte aus München her too
I am the body as a function in a word
now read me like a book
read me like a meter
read me like a radio (weltempfänger)
recognize me in the imprint of my as’
and feed me money when I have a taste for it

Because cover became a difficult catch
unlike the days when spit and tags
could still protect us from the surplus value
which is why my suspended desires
need to be found in the clashes
between the sanities that each life form
seems to project onto the cathedral transparencies
of our properly inscribed hangouts
and because this one doesn’t thrive on gestures
it resists making sense of the continents we don’t know yet
      cruel blues  embroidered purples  succinct yellows

(in italics quotes from Adrienne Rich’s An Atlas of the Difficult World and Victory)

– Inka Meißner


Link: Tanja Widmann at FELIX GAUDLITZ

Source: contemporaryartdaily.com

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