Tarot cards interpreted in three dimensions

Autumn Casey‘s latest work invites viewers into an unusual way of seeing tarot cards: in three-dimensional form. The exhibit, which is now being shown at Primary Projects, is entitled Balancing Infinity, While Hanging Upside Down. Watching Lovers Fall from Grace, Underneath the Ground.

This exhibit is a mix of collage work, sculpture, and poetry from the artist. Tarot reading and interpretation is basically about life stages. How do we move through life? How does life transform over time? It is also about its balance – and Casey shows this well through her art form. Her sculptures are large in scale but are positioned quite precariously. She also delves into memory and history in one of her video works. This exhibit contains 78 collages and a whole series of sculptures. Each piece can be seen as a standalone art form, but also in conjunction with each other as a full tarot deck.

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This exhibit was inspired by the Rider-Waite tarot deck.

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Source: designfaves.com

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