Tarrare: The Man Who Ate Too Much

If gluttony is a sin, then perhaps the worst offender was a man named Tarrare who lived in 18th century France. He had such an insatiable appetite that he would eat anything to suppress his hunger, even live cats and rotten corpses. He could devour his entire body weight worth of beef in a single day, and still be hungry.

Nobody remembers what Tarrare’s real name was, but everybody called him Tarrare. It is believed that his nickname was derived from the popular French expression “Bom-bom tarare” used at that time to describe powerful explosion, and it is speculated that the name could have been applied to Tarrare on account of his prodigious flatulence.

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“Der Völler” by Georg Emmanuel Opiz.

Source: amusingplanet.com

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