Taxidermied Dogs of Bitov Castle

About 25 kilometers northwest of Znojmo, in Czech Republic, where the rivers Želetavka and Dyje meet, lies the small village of Bitov. Here, on a dramatic promontory overlooking the confluence and the vast swaths of forest and wilderness stands the Bitov castle. Built in the 11th century, Bítov is one of the oldest and largest Moravian castles.

Throughout its long history Bitov was owned by a number of different noblemen and rulers, each of whom have left their imprints on the castle’s history and design. There are Neo Gothic furniture in the dining room dating to 1860, and porcelain in the smoking room that once belonged to the Haas family, who were co-owners of a famous porcelain manufacturer, one of the oldest in the Czech lands. And then, there is this surreal collection of taxidermied dogs, which is one of the highlights of the castle.

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