TCL's Wearable Display, Supposedly Like Sitting 12 Feet Away From a 140" Screen

Consumer electronics company TCL makes television screens, and now they’ve created one that you wear on your face. Despite being called “smart glasses,” their NXTWear G product has no Google-Glass-like pretensions; instead they’re just a pair of chunky specs that supposedly provide the experience of sitting 12 feet away from a 140″ screen.

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The NXTWear G incorporates two Micro OLED panels made by Sony, and the whole rig weighs just 100 grams (3.5 ounces, less than a quarter of a pound). The USB-C cable that you use to plug the things into your device or laptop are another 30 grams.

It appears the unit sits a pretty good distance off of your face, but it does not appear that it can be worn over regular eyewear; the unit comes with a “lens frame for correction [sic] lenses,” so I guess you’re meant to have these fitted with prescriptive lenses before snapping these into the unit.

I am not at all sure how this works, but the company says the NXTWear G’s “transparent display gives you full privacy, yet allows you to see the real world around you safely.”

Here are the company’s proposed use cases:

I’m struck by how dorky they look, but I suppose people said the same thing when Bluetooth earpieces first came out. Assuming these things work as advertised, you can probably expect to see these soon at a café near you.

Source: core77

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