Teacher Changed Her Hairstyle to Help Bullied Student

Ana Barbara Ferreira/Facebook

When Ana Barbara Ferreira, a teacher from Sao Paulo, Brazil, found out that one of her student was saddened after being ridiculed by a boy for having "ugly hair," she decided to user her head to solve the problem. Make that, use her hair.

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"Yesterday, my student came to tell me that a boy said that her hair was ugly. She was pretty sad … at that time, the only thing I could think to tell her was that she was beautiful and that he didn’t know what she was talking about," Ferreira posted on Facebook, "Today, I woke up and remembered what happened and I decided to do the same hairstyle that she usually has."

When the student saw her, she came running to hug her, saying "Today, I am beautiful just like you."

Source: neatorama

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