Teacher Explains Why Her Profession Is Toxic In An Honest Post, And Over 114k People Share It

Teachers are real human beings. Unfortunately, not all people think of them that way. To some students, teachers are their enemies. Just an extension of the school, not living, breathing, thinking, feeling, vulnerable people who are like us in every way except that they face away from the blackboard and towards us in the classroom.

Annie Demczak couldn’t hold her emotions in anymore and vented her true feelings on Facebook in a viral post that got overwhelming support from readers. According to Demczak, teaching is the most toxic profession she knows because staff members are expected to come to work with a smile on their face despite the physical and verbal abuse they receive from pupils.

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One teacher couldn’t hold it in any longer and shared her feelings about the job online

Image credits: Annie Demczak

The post went viral

Image credits: Annie Demczak

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The teacher’s post touched many a person’s heart. The truthful rant got over 92,000 likes and was shared over 114,000 times. Most social media users thanked Demczak for telling it how it is and not sugar coating a serious issue.

According to Demczak, teachers and other people need to speak up about the issues surrounding teacher-student relationships, and also set firm boundaries. Nobody deserves to be abused, especially not teachers who are responsible for molding kids into adults.

She compared what teachers face during work to an abusive relationship

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Sadly, Demczak is right about how tough educators and academics have it. The BBC writes that a poll of 5,000 NASUWT teacher’s union members found that 24 percent of teachers face violence in classrooms once a week. While 42 percent have received verbal threats.

“Having taught for almost 40 years I have witnessed a demonstrable and seemingly unstoppable deterioration in pupil behaviour,” one of the teachers revealed to researchers. “Moreover, teachers are, it seems, now expected to tolerate verbal abuse and threats as ‘par for the course’ and, quite literally, ‘an occupational hazard’. There appears to be no appetite for tackling the issues that face teachers in the classroom.”

Internet users thanked her for telling the truth

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