Tech Exec Predicts “Freakishly Real” AI-Generated Girlfriends Will Become $1B Business

Greg Isenberg, CEO of Late Checkout, predicted a billion-dollar artificial intelligence (AI) dating app market after noticing that users engaged with AI-generated partners, sparking conversation about virtual relationships and the future of dating.

The technology executive took to his X account on April 9 to post about his meeting with a man in Miami, USA, who admitted to him that he spends “$10,000/month” on “AI girlfriends.”

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After announcing that the market cap for Match Group, the company that owns Tinder,, Meetic, OkCupid, Hinge, Plenty of Fish, OurTime, and other dating global brands, was $9 billion, Greg predicted that someone will likely build the AI-version of Match Group and also make billions.

Greg Isenberg predicted a billion-dollar AI dating market after encountering user engagement with AI partners

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Recalling his meeting with the man dating AI women, Greg further wrote: “I thought he was kidding. But, he’s a 24-year-old single guy who loves it.

“I asked him what he loved about it: Him: ‘Some people play video games, I play with AI girlfriends’

“Him: ‘I love that I could use voice notes now with my AI girlfriends.’

“Him: ‘I get to customize my AI girlfriend. Likes, dislikes, etc. It’s comfort at the end of the day.’

“Me: speechless. There are a few platforms he likes but he prefers candy dot ai and kupid dot ai

“It’s kinda like dating apps. You’re not on only one.”

Greg recounted meeting a 24-year-old man who sincerely enjoyed dating AI women, initially mistaking his enthusiasm for a joke

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Along with his X post, Greg attached three pictures of AI-generated women, who looked rather convincing.

AI models are starting to look freakishly real to me,” Greg noted. “Things are about to get pretty weird.” is a platform that allows users to create a virtual girlfriend. As per the website, users can choose their age, eyes, hairstyle, hair color, body type, breast, butt, and personality.

Image credits: kimochii_ai describes itself as “the best unrestricted AI art generator that can create unlimited dialogues and images.” Users can also “choose her age, eyes, hairstyle, hair color, body type, breast, butt, and personality.”

In a follow-up X post, Greg highlighted: “In case you were wondering, AI boyfriends exist too. And this category will probably thrive too.”

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A group of Gen Z TikTok users reported that they were “falling for” DAN, ChatGPT’s alter ego with a flirty macho male voice that some have compared to Christian Grey from “Fifty Shades of Grey,” The New York Post reported.

Platforms like and enable users to customize virtual partners, with options to select physical attributes and personality traits

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A recent survey from Infobip found that nearly 20% of Americans have flirted with chatbots.

Nearly half of them — 47.2% — did so out of curiosity, while 23.9% said they were lonely and seeking interactions.

Nearly 17% said they were “AI-phished” — meaning they did not realize they were talking to a chatbot.

The survey also found that 12.2% were seeking sexual chat within a private space.

Greg’s X post raised a lot of concern on social media

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