Tech Support People Are Sharing The Worst Cases They’ve Seen While On The Job (105 New Pics)

You don’t need to be a computer person to know that exposed wires are trouble. Or that driving a bolt through a screen might cause it to go black. But to some people, technology is so foreign that even these concepts are hard to grasp.

So when they inevitably damage their software and hardware, someone needs to show up and fix the problems… As well as take a picture and post it on the subreddit ‘Tech Support Gore‘ to remind everyone that IT literacy matters.

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Continue scrolling to check out the sub’s latest posts and for the older carnage that appeared on it, fire up our previous publications on this funny online community here, here, and here.

#1 They Said “My PC Shut Off Suddenly And Won’t Turn Back On”

Image credits: katushenciya

#2 Wondering The Story Behind This

Image credits: FinishedToxicity

#3 I’m A Computer Noob But I Open My Laptop To Look For Tracking Devices

Image credits: BenTheTechGuy

#4 So Mac Doesnt Support Windows But Atleast It Supports Doors

Image credits: BateauSai

#5 Travelled 1000km To Fix 5 Brand New Desktops Which Are Slow For Strange Reasons. Strange Reasons:

Image credits: crippledchameleon

#6 I Drove Over An Hour For This

Image credits: fUnderdog

#7 My Boss Placing A Deada*s Pot Of Ice Twice A Day On The Transformer (If That’s What It’s Called) Cus It Keeps Overheating And The Entire Pos & Internet Server Goes Down

Image credits: ancaaremere

#8 Anybody Up For Char Broiled GPU?

Image credits: dandilycrosscut

#9 Someone Knows Where Can I Get That Router Skin ?

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Image credits: pzzht

#10 My Cousin Cleaned The Laptop While I Was Away For A Bit, I Come Back To This

Image credits: Itsquishyy

#11 I Present The: “Hey Guys, Dropped My Phone, Can Ifixit??”

Image credits: awkwardtheturtel

#12 PC Has Been Up Against My Desk For A While. That Won’t Be Continuing

Image credits: Zech17_

#13 Ladies And Gentlemen: The US Government

Image credits: ProbablyAnOcelot

#14 Dj Electrocutioner

Image credits: Gloear

#15 “On A Scale Of One To Ten How Recoverable Is The Data On This Disk?”

Image credits: Orgy-Wan-Kenobi-Sama

#16 My Mom Said That It Once Shocked Her When She Plugged It In

Image credits: GeroX13

#17 How Much For A Repair?

Image credits: quitesizeablefeces

#18 Got A New Stand For My iPad I Love It

Image credits: RuinAdventurous8390

#19 Someone Sent It This After They Got Fired

Image credits: JustLooten

#20 Why Won’t My Call Go Through?

Image credits: ComeGetYourOzymans

#21 I.t. Knows

Image credits: neondrifter

#22 God Sucked A*s At Cable Management

Image credits: lotofpigskilled

#23 Not Oc But This Hurt Me Enough To Hurt You Too

Image credits: BuJH7

#24 Hes Tiled His Desktop. Creative

Image credits: golferprince

#25 I Tried Setting My Alarm For Tomorrow… I May Need A New Clock

Image credits: Antakad

#26 Which Ev Charger Would You Like Installed? “Yes”

Image credits: gnarley_quinn

#27 Not My Image But Oh Dear

Image credits: Gooberg_

#28 Mercury Thermal Paste

Image credits: xCuri0

#29 When The Users Push Their Tower PC As Far Back Against The Desk Privacy Board As It Will Go

Image credits: thetoastmonster

#30 It Security Is Job Number One

Image credits: Desurvivedsignator

#31 My Grandma’s TV After The Housecleaners Cleaned Her TV With A Mystery Liquid (Gone Wrong)

Image credits: EiZenHoweLL

#32 A PSU That Hasn’t Been Clean For At Least 25 Years

Image credits: DiogoSN

#33 Now Thatsa Spicya Apple – Full Airbag Deployment

Image credits: Microdoted

#34 Brand New Laptop Off The Truck

Image credits: Toxicwaste4454

#35 My Laptop Isn’t Working

Image credits: seebarmur

#36 Does This Count? “Beat Up Like Crazy” Core 2 Duo On Ebay

Image credits: Phlarfbar

#37 Just Realised I Haven’t Had To Do This For Years

Image credits: Rufus_Dufus

#38 The Contractor Built The Endpoint On The Wrong Side Of The Wall

Image credits: MrRamazuri

#39 Studs, Who Needs Studs

Image credits: ssjviscacha

#40 On A Fishing Boat Where Everyone Stands Around Soaked In Salt Water ?

Image credits: newbrevity

#41 Flood-Damaged UPS Main Board

Image credits: retardedgummybear12

#42 Be Careful When Unplugging The Laptop, The Stores Security System Might Go Out With It :,)

Image credits: supervegitos

#43 This Cpu On Display In A Children’s Museum

Image credits: NNUfergs

#44 I Was Trying To Create A Partition Of 1 Tb

Image credits: sambro8600

#45 Customer: “Can You Back Up My Data Onto This? It Was A Good Deal At 40 Bucks!”

Image credits: DeadxWreckoning

#46 No, Just No

Image credits: Edned_

#47 Spicy MacBook Pillows

Image credits: xXemil420Xx

#48 What Does The Word “Fragile” Mean?

Image credits: DiogoSN

#49 Fiber Switch

Image credits: FrDiver

#50 Mouse I Am Currently Using At Work… Delivery Guy Better Get Here Quick

Image credits: Peanutbutt3r0923

#51 Speed Holes! They Make The Switch Go Faster!

Image credits: Rutch

#52 I Saw Your Nicotine PC And I Raise You This

Image credits: kentukky

#53 When Your Pet Rat Escapes With The Intention Of Burning Down The House (Little F**ker Was Completely Fine)

Image credits: Unicorn-Cake

#54 Burned Cigarette Marks On A Ps4 Brought In For Repair. Device Was Filled With Dead Roaches

Image credits: zebz_

#55 Sorry For The Social Media Screenshot, But I Couldn’t Not Repost This. Yes, I Had To Censor His Card Number

Image credits: the123king-reddit

#56 This Came Over My Works Group Chat This Morning

Image credits: seeker2319

#57 The Rear Side Of Linus’s Main Server Rack

Image credits: MundaneSausage

#58 Spent 10 Hours Looking For The Cause Of Our Network Storm And

Image credits: bringbackswg

#59 Snap

Image credits: YTAppleDemo

#60 Best Way To Measure This Cell’s Dimensions?

Image credits: youpricklycactus

#61 Colleague Got This Today

Image credits: Rowenth

#62 I See Your Band-Aid Fix, And I Present My Own, Bent-Paperclip-Bit-Around-Screw Fix

Image credits: BX_N3S

#63 Our Freenas Server Sometimes Becomes Unavailable. Could You Check What Is Wrong With It?

Image credits: elbrus56

#64 Visiting My Mother For The First Time In A While. ‘Oh, I Have A Computer Problem You Could Maybe Help Me With’ She Has Been Using It Like This For Months, Including Flying With It

Image credits: Firepork

#65 Don’t Store Your Rfid Access Card In Your Phone Case If You Use Wireless Charging

Image credits: kn33

#66 I Don’t Know Why But My Computer Is Shutting Down After 5 Minutes

Image credits: westixy

#67 I Don’t Think I Can Salvage This One

Image credits: Sockinacock

#68 Ignoring The Filthy Keyboard, This Thinkpad’s Trackpad Was Cracked By Sheer Finger Pressure

Image credits: ErebusIII

#69 Fires Are Cool Too

Image credits: Boomah422

#70 My 3070 Ti Wouldn’t Fit, So I Made Some Room. This Is Fine?

Image credits: Its-Luck

#71 Found On Aliexpress

Image credits: GullibleExploitation

#72 So, How Much Thermal Paste Should I Use?

Image credits: JanderPanell

#73 M.2 Ssd Screws Are Over-Rated

Image credits: 1St_Choice_Ur_Choice

#74 Braided Cables

Image credits: SweetlySmooth

#75 Time To Hang Up The Wreath

Image credits: Juan-Quixote

#76 Well, F**k. Hopefully It’s Just A Bypass Cap That’s Not Actually Needed

Image credits: XOIIO

#77 Reached To Unplug This Power Supply And Got A Good Jolt. Old Prongs Sticking Out Of This Live Extension Cord In A Drop Ceiling At A Bowling Alley I Was Working At

Image credits: 1234567891011twelve

#78 My Co-Worker Sometimes Misses A Screw

Image credits: modjaiden

#79 We Had A Company Come Today To Valuate Our Old Fleet Of Macbooks. I Had Them Neatly Stacked Vertically Along The Shelf…. They Decided They Want To Play Expensive Jenga

Image credits: alexkirwan11

#80 Employee: Hey The Cooling Fan Died, I Can Salvage One From A Dead Computer In The Back. Management: Nah, I’ve Got A Way Better Idea

Image credits: seeker2319

#81 Yep, That Is Honey

Image credits: Exintite

#82 I’m Guessing This Will Work

Image credits: Territory7

#83 Rip 2020-2022

Image credits: clevernameimade

#84 I Thought You Guys Would Enjoy This

Image credits: clemetri

#85 Your Posts Reminded Me Of This At My Job

Image credits: jmbieber

#86 Gives Meaning To “The Networks’ Gone To S**t!”

Image credits: icodiso

#87 I’m Really Happy With This Hinge Repair. (Not Gonna Spend $100 For A Replacement Lid)

Image credits: Journeyman-Joe

#88 Get What You Pay For?

Image credits: FrostingLong7881

#89 “It Definitely Didn’t Get Wet”

Image credits: nobody23x

#90 My Ssd Failed To Boot… First Time I’ve Seen This Error Lol

Image credits: lkm192

#91 Oh My. Customer Claimed It Was Used In A Cattle Feedlot. Wont Boot And Stinks Like Really Bad. Wish Me Luck ?

Image credits: DeadAveragePizza

#92 Would You Believe I Work In A Place With All The Knowledge And Tools To Make This Connection The Correct Way?

Image credits: svonwolfkill

#93 Did A Battery Replacement For An UPS, We Recommend To Do So Every 3 Years, This Is 5 Years Later

Image credits: Fernando_357

#94 A Lonely Forgotten Amd Gpu At Work

Image credits: Lorenzovito2000

#95 Needs A Small Amount Of Cleaning

Image credits: hairyfred

#96 Costumer: “No I Don’t Want To Pay For You To Build My PC. I’ll Do It Myself”

Image credits: Mani1767

#97 The Pink Screen Of Death (Chip On LCD Board Is Broken)

Image credits: qwoeirte

#98 Holy Broodmother

Image credits: GinnyGalaxy

#99 My Worplace Dead Battery Storage

Image credits: Mo4n4

#100 Great Cable Management At A Sports Bar

Image credits: donbrowndabest

#101 Found Your Connection Issue

Image credits: blamboompow90

#102 Ethernet Abuse

Image credits: DoctroSix

#103 User States The Device “Pops And Smokes A Little”

Image credits: Neat_Establishment70

#104 This Is Why My Company Doesn’t Buy From This Vendor Anymore

Image credits: Stritch313

#105 I’ve Seen Worn Out/Broken LCD’s, But Never Like This

Image credits: keyboardklutzz


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