Teenage Engineering's Flatpack DIY Portable Computer Housing

“We couldn’t find a PC case for our own builds,” writes Teenage Engineering, describing a problem they ran into years ago. “So we made our own using a laser cutter, 6 mm high density board and spray paint. It was assembled and held together by simple wooden plugs. It worked OK for what it was designed for. Unfortunately, the handles couldn’t support the weight of the unit when moving it around.”

They then built a 2.0 out of Formica, but that design fared no better. “A couple of literal computer crashes later, we turned to a lighter and sturdier design using aluminium.”

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The company continued refining the design over the years…

…and is now selling their latest iteration, the Computer-1, in flatpack form.

Hinge points are laser-cut into the aluminum sheets. It’s up to the user to supply the components, bend the sheets at the hinge points and put it all together.

“The powder coated 1 mm aluminium is flexible enough to bend into shape, and sturdy enough to keep your components secure. [Included is] an illustrated build guide with instructions and bend angles.”

“Just remember: Think twice, bend once!”

Source: core77

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